Is messenger video call safe in Saudi Arabia?

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People often ask if it is safe to make a video call through WhatsApp or Facebook messenger in Saudi Arabia. Is call recording legal in Saudi Arabia?

Is messenger call safe?

If you are making an audio or video call discussing your personal matters, business, or private issues on any messenger in Saudi Arabia, rest assured that it is completely safe to do it.

Is messenger video call safe in Saudi Arabia?

  • WhatsApp messenger is end-to-end encrypted so all your chats are safe.
  • As long as you have not shared your Facebook password with someone, the Facebook messenger is also safe.
  • Telegram, IMO and other messengers are also safe.

However, if you are making a video call on a messenger and discussing something against Saudi Arabia, making an illegal plan, or something else, Saudi security forces will catch you one way or another.

Is call recording legal in Saudi Arabia?

Recording an audio or video call to use it against someone in a court of law is absolutely legal in Saudi Arabia. However, it is illegal to upload this video or audio call on any social media site or public platform.

Sharing any private video, picture or audio is a violation of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law which may lead to a fine of SR 500,000.

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