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The secret behind the flawless skin of Arab Women: Due to the constant exposure to pollution, all dermatologists are now revealing that the reason for the flawless skin of Arab women is because of their face veil. This not only protects them from the sun exposure but also from the everyday pollution.

The fumes from nearby factories, the gases being released from cars with the cutting down of trees have reduced the clean oxygen in the air. The air is so polluted that even without any contact with dirt; our face at the end of the day is covered with a thin layer of dirt which is visible when wiping your face with a moisturized face towel.

A famous dermatologist at Qatid Central Hospital, Najat al-Nazr recently said that women with beautiful radiant in the world can be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because their face is protected with the face veil women have on, which protects them from the harmful radiation caused by the sun.

Sun causes a lot of skin damage, namely premature wrinkles, freckles, melisma and darkening of the skin, intense exposure to the sun can also lead to several forms of skin cancer and so is protected from the sun allows them to be protected at all times leaving their skin supple and youthful.

The dermatologist stated that people should be aware of the harmful skin diseases that could be caused due to sun exposure or any other bacteria or fungal allergy and even cause tissue diseases like lupus.

Avoid excessive Contact with Sunlight: The dermatologist gave a few points for women to always remember and abide by for healthy skin. She said women should avoid contact with sunlight between the hours 10 am to 4 pm and should use protective clothing if contact is for prolonged periods and should wear accessories to avoid the sun contact like hats and sunglasses.

Sunblock: Women should also use a high SPF sunblock which should further eliminate the sun contact, clothing that does not attract heat and should be airy enough to be comfortable.

Women need to understand that the less frequent their contact is with the sun, the healthier their skin will be. If the sun can dry up lakes and burn trees then one should stop and imagine the damage it does to our skin.

We do need our Vitamins from the sun but not to such an extent that our skin becomes chapped and unhealthy. Apart from the sun exposure, women who opt for skin treatments like waxing and laser should also avoid it because it utilizes high-temperature exposure to the skin which is at times as damaging as the sun.

Women who also go for Jacuzzis and saunas should remember that the hot water is not only damaging their skin it is also making the muscles tender.

However, after such artificial exposure to heat like a laser, the person experiencing the heat should apply cool items to reduce the severity of the burn if any and apply suitable moisturizers to keep the skin supple and to not let it get chapped.

Source: Al Arabiya

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