How to extend family visit visa in KSA?

You can extend the family visit visa of your relatives in KSA through the Absher account 7 days before the expiry of the visa. In this article, we have explained the procedure and rules for the single and multiple entry family visit visa extension in Saudi Arabia applicable in 2020.

Preconditions for the visit visa extension

Here are the requirements and conditions which you need to fulfill to extend a family visit visa in KSA.

  1. The extension is possible within 7 days before the expiry and 3 days after the expiry of the family visit visa.
  2. The visit visa holder must be present in Saudi Arabia.
  3. The passport of the visa holder should be valid.
  4. There should be no unpaid traffic violations.
  5. The total stay during one visit in Saudi Arabia cannot exceed 180 days. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this period has been extended to 270 days.

Step 1: Pay the Visa extension fee

Step 2: Get the Medical Insurance

Step 3: Extend family visit visa online

Login to your Absher account and click on the “services” button under the “Family Members Services” tab.

A new page will open with several options from where you need to select  the “Extend Visit Visa” service. 

On the next page, you would be able to see a set of terms and conditions to extend the family visit visa online. 

rules for family visit visa extension in Saudi Arabia

Now you need to select the individual for whom you want to apply for the extension of the family visit visa and click on the “Extend Visa” button.

extend family visit visa ksa

The system will ask you to review the details of the visa holder before the extension. After carefully reviewing the details, agree to the terms and conditions and click on the “Extend Visit Visa” button.

The Absher system will automatically take the time period for the extension of a family visit visa depending upon the type of visa;

  • In case of a single-entry visa, the extension will be for 30 days.
  • In case of a multiple-entry visa, the extension will be for 90 days.

family visit visa extension saudi arabia

Congratulations! The family visit visa of your family member has been successfully extended. 

extend family visit visa ksaHow to extend family visit visa after 270 days?

As we have mentioned earlier that Jawazat has been allowing people to extend their family visit visa up to 270 days online. If 270 days have passed, you can extend the family visit visa through the following way.


Try to extend the family visit visa, the system will you the following error. You need to take a screenshot of this error message.

“sorry!! the visit visa (vv) cannot be extended, for further information, please contact the passport department.”.

Make one PDF file of the following documents to attach it to the Absher system.

  1. Error Message Screenshot.
  2. Passport of the visa holder.
  3. Visa detail from Absher
  4. Insurance details.

Extend Visit Visa

Login to your Absher account and click on the “services” button under the “My Services” tab.

After this, click on the “General Services” from the available options.

On the next screen, you need to click on the “Messages and Documents” tab.

On this screen, enter the following details:

  • To: General Directorate of Passports
  • Service Name: مشاكل التأشيرات
  • Subject: “Extend Family Visit Visa”
  • Message: Write your problem in English.
  • Attachment Comment: Visa error message.
  • Attachment: Attach the PDF file you have prepared in the beginning.
  • Your family visit visa will be extended within one working day.

Extend visit visa through Istiqdam

If the Absher system gives an error that the family visit visa cannot be extended online and requests you to visit Jawazat/Istiqdam. In such cases, you need to follow this procedure.


If you fulfill all the conditions and requirements for the extension of the visa explained above, arrange the following documents and visit the Istiqdam office of Jawazat.

  1. Original Passport of the visa holder + Copy.
  2. Original Iqama of the sponsor + copy.
  3. A duly filled form to extend a family visit visa.
  4. Passport size photograph with white background.
  5. Payment of visa extension fee.
  6. Valid Medical Insurance for the visa holder.
  7. A letter from a doctor in case of a medical emergency.

It is better that you pay SR 20 to an agent sitting outside the Jawazat office to fill the form on your behalf.

Visit Jawazat

You can visit the Jawazat office which deals with family affairs. We have shared the locations of such offices in the major cities of Saudi Arabia. People living in Dammam and Khobar will have to take an appointment with Istiqdam before visiting the office.

Extend visit visa through Istiqdam

Once your turn comes, the officer will check all your documents and if everything goes fine, you will be issued the extension of family visit visa in Saudi Arabia.

Medical Emergency

In case of a medical emergency, you can visit the Istiqdam office within the validity of the visa and the officer will extend the visa for 15 days beyond the maximum allowed time period of 180 days.

In case your family visit visa expires, you will have to send your family members through the deportation center.


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.