Experience of performing Umrah after lockdown

Syed Abdul Azeez: Alhumdulillah, today I took my wife for Umrah after successful booking in the Eatmarna app. We had small children so we took them to Makkah. Here is how we managed to perform Umrah.

Children cannot enter Masjid al-Haram

We have small children so we could not go together.  Keep in mind that they will not let even an infant enter the mosque with the mother. So I booked her Umrah slot first and mine later. Her Umrah slot was from 9 AM to 12 Noon.

Pay the transportation fee online

We reached AlShesha Center Makkah around 9:03 AM. We did not pay the transportation fee before, thinking that we can pay at the center. However, as soon as we reached there, the officials there asked us to pay online. However, the online link disappeared in the app Eatmarna.

Therefore, please note that if you want to avail transportation, pay the fee online before your time slot. Otherwise, you cannot pay it.

Transportation is not mandatory. You can go to any free parking in Makkah, leave your car there and take a taxi to Haram. After Umrah, you can find taxis to drop you back.

Entering the Masjid al Haram

We then went directly to Masjid Al Haram. The security checked the permit on mobile and allowed my wife to enter inside for Umrah. After dropping her, I just drove in Makkah, stayed in a nearby park where the children played.

After completing the Umrah, I picked my wife left her with children and then performed Umrah myself.

Overall Response

Overall my wife was very happy with her Umrah after lockdown. She said there was no crowd and the tawaf had hardly few people. She said once you do Tawaf and go for Sayi, you cannot go back to the Mataf area.

After Sayi they will direct you to the exit door to Haram. So if you want to stay in the Mataf area for a long time, then do that before Sayi.

May Allah accept our Umrah. May Allah help each one of us to go to Masjid Al Haram and perform our Umrah with ease.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.