3 Types of expats who can get pension in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Al Rajhi, the HRSD Minister has approved the social insurance regulations that allow expats to enjoy the pensions, restricted to a certain criteria.  These expats are categorized as follows.

  1. Wife of a Saudi National

The wife of a Saudi national, his divorcee, or his widow who has Saudi children can continue receiving the pension of her husband provided that she has a permanent residency and a valid Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Children of Saudi Women

According to Article 6 of the eligibility requirements, non-Saudi children can benefit from their mother’s pensions received from the GOSI or PPA.

  • The mother is eligible for the pension if she is a widow or divorced.
  • According to the requirement, the Saudi mother will have to provide proof of her marriage to a non-Saudi citizen.
  • Further requirements for pension eligibility include that she should be a permanent resident of Saudi Arabia.
  • She must not be residing outside the Kingdom for more than three consecutive months or three non-consecutive months in the year before the pension’s date.
  1. Expats with Disabilities

Lastly, the expats with disabilities or orphans or widows with orphans are to enjoy the pension subjected that they have their valid mobility cards.

It has been made clear that the permanent residency status for those who live outside the kingdom shall not exceed three consecutive months or three intermittent months during the previous year of the pension payment date.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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