Expats not wearing face masks could be deported

To stop the further spread of coronavirus infection in the Kingdom. The Saudi Ministry of Interior has announced new laws and strict punishments. Since April 25, the lockdown in Saudi Arabia has been eased and many shops and malls were allowed to operate by following the preventive measures and maintaining social distancing.

The ministry declared if any expatriate found violating the precautionary measures related to Coronavirus, he will be deported from the country and will not be allowed to re-enter the Kingdom. This also includes gathering inside or outside the shops in groups.

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Besides this, the shoppers and the workers are also not allowed to gather in groups inside or outside the shops. The number is mentioned and if anyone tries to violate this precautionary measure, the penalties have been mentioned as follows;

Face Mask

  • The fine for not wearing a face mask is SR 1,000.
  • In the case of repeating the violation for the second time, the fine is SR 2,000.
  • The expatriate could be deported if he is caught not wearing the face mask for the third time.

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Public Gatherings

In the case of public gathering for more than the allowed limit i.e. 5 people in Jeddah and Makkah and 50 people in the rest of Saudi Arabia, there will be a fine of;

  • SR 10,000 for the first time.
  • SR 20,000 for the second time.
  • Deportation for the third time.

5641 Expats not wearing face masks could be deported 003

The spokesperson of the Ministry warned the people for violating the precautionary measures. He said that anyone who manages a gathering, call for it, or attend a gathering is a violator of government’s measure. He will have to face fines and penalties.

He also confirmed that if the violator is the resident of Saudi Arabia, he will be deported from the Kingdom and he will never be allowed to enter the Kingdom again.

Children below 15

Moreover, small kids and children below the age of 15 were also banned from shopping. The Ministry said the parents should obey the ban and maintain social distance and also avoid gathering to remain safe from getting penalized.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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