Expats can transfer jobs before 1-year service

The HRSD Ministry has allowed expats to transfer jobs through Qiwa before completing the 1-year service after his arrival to Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the Ministry has approved 3 changes;

1- The employee can change his job to another employer without completing the first year of service after his arrival to Saudi Arabia with the current employer’s consent.

  • Currently, there is no time restriction on the transfer of jobs. An employee can transfer to another employer even the next day.

2- An expat has the right to transfer his job to another employer at the end of his contract without the permission of the current employer.

3- An expat can also transfer his job to another employer before  completing the contract and without the consent of the current employer if;

  • 12 months have passed since the arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • The employee provides 3 months’ notice to transfer his job.
  • The contract is terminated under Article 77 of Saudi Labor Law.

Keep in mind that in case of resignation under Article 77, the employee will have to pay salaries equivalent to the remaining period of the contract to the employer.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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