Expat woman arrested for running tuition center in Jeddah

An expat woman has been arrested from Jeddah for illegally operating kindergartens in Al-Nahda and Al-Yaqout districts. This serves as a warning to many other similar illegal tuition centers being run by expat women.

They were shut down after the legal proceedings against the illegal tuition center, and the electric supply was also pulled off.

Once the police investigations are completed, the woman from Somal shall be referred to the Public Prosecution.

The quartet committee, which had inspected the case, comprised the Jeddah Education Department, police, the labor office, and the Saudi Electricity Co.

The kindergarten was being operated in two shifts. The children would come in the morning and evening shifts. The kindergarten was being used without obtaining a regulatory license.

The quartet committee came into action after receiving several complaints from parents of students. The woman was found to have mistreated her students. She was also found to be non-corporative with the authorities who had previously come for inspection and visit.

Thus, the departments of criminal investigation, field investigation, and security forces and the team formulated the committee, and thus the investigations were completed.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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