Expat wins case against Kafeel for illegal Huroob

An expat filed a case against a company for setting Huroob against him without any valid reason just to avoid payment of dues. He finally won the case, along with SR 1.75 million dues + lawyers’ fee.

Expat employee’s case

The expat worker was a regular employee and had not been absent. Still, his employer set Huroob against him for being absent for too long. The expat employee had presented evidence in the court for his presence.

What happens after Huroob?

Once the Huroob was filed, the expat worker could not renew his Iqama nor pay his family fee on time. Moreover, his bank account was frozen and therefore, he had to take loan to pay off his house rent.

The court decision

The court after carefully examining the case, found the company guilty. The court has given its verdict against the company for wrongful dismissal.

Now, according to the court’s order, the Company is liable to pay SR 1.75 million along with the lawyer’s fees and other costs incurred by the foreign employee.

Once the iqama of the employee is renewed, he should be paid  SR 1.75 millions for his iqama payments, family fees and other expenses by the company.

What to do if Kafeel sets Huroob?

According to Mesar Al-Hilani, who is a renowned legal advisor, those foreigners who face unlawful Haroob should immediately report to the Labor Court to attain their rights, lawfully. You should do all your efforts to claim your rights given by Saudi Labor Law.

Source: Urdu News

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