Expat teachers to take a license to work at schools

As per new rules, all expat teachers must take a license to teach in private/international schools in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, international schools need to make the subjects of Saudi history and geography mandatory for students.

Thus, all schools in Saudi Arabia will have to teach national identity subjects to Saudi students.

Saudi Teachers: The applicant also has to make sure that he/she has not been charged with a disciplinary verdict excluding him/her from the government service or a private school.

Expat Teachers: A foreign applicant shall obtain their license from the Investment Ministry and should also have an experience in educational services.

Those who violate the rule and do not hold a license shall be facing penalties such as license revoke of the school or closure of the school.

To appeal for the penalties, one month’s time will be provided. However, it is not clear that since when these new rules and regulations will come into effect.

Source: Gulf News

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