Expat jailed 10 days for keeping a barking pet dog

The excessive barking of the pet dog that had been kept by the Sudanese expat in a residential apartment in Jeddah landed him in jail for 10 days.

He also had to sign an undertaking claiming that he would not be having pet dogs in his residential apartment.

Who complained about the barking dog?

2 neighboring women had filed a lawsuit against their neighbor over his excessive barking dog. They complained that the barking dog has been causing a disturbance.

The excessive barking of dogs causes harm and panic to the residents of the building. The dog’s excessive barking was proclaimed a public nuisance.

How did the Sudanese resident defend his case?

The Sudanese resident claimed that his dog does not bark continuously. The dog has been disturbed and frightened by some meddling kids in the building. This triggered the dog to bark excessively.

Thus, he pleads with the court to dismiss the charges against him. The charges, as he proclaims are baseless.

What is the Final ruling by the court?

The sources claim that the verdict by the court came against the Sudanese dog owner. The Court had called that keeping dogs in residential apartments is against public morality. You can only keep a dog in a standalone building. As a punishment, he has been sentenced to 10 days of imprisonment.

The concerned authorities have been directed to implement the verdict and to make sure that the man does not breed dogs in his residential apartment.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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