Expat Drivers have been banned from Driving Uber and Careem

All of us know that Mobile Application based service Uber and Careem have been becoming very popular in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of drivers have already been registered to this service and millions of people have been taking benefit from it.

I personally use Uber whenever I give my car to the company for service. I have been very satisfied with the service so far. I have talked to numerous Uber and Careem drivers and most of them are expatriates, they are very much satisfied with the level of income they have been earning by rendering services as taxi drivers. Recommended: Procedure to get a free ride worth SR 30 using Uber[irp]

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has beautiful and modern roads with a huge network of railways. Within the Kingdom, there are various service providers for the purpose of transport and there are different applications available through which your ride is just a click or touch away.

Careem and Uber are among those amazing and fast service providers. The market for this personal chauffeur service is increasing with time. These riding services not only provide one with transport facility but also give a job to an unemployed person. The jobless person gets a chance to ride his vehicle for their clients and earn money.

This way not only Saudis but expats can also benefit. They can either take it as a job or do it part time for money. They provide you with each and every detail of the driver to make it safe and secure.

It is reported in Arab news that recently there is a check placed on these services. A restraint is placed which is confirmed by higher officials that from now on, only Saudi nationals are allowed to work and drive for the riding services in the Kingdom.

According to the rules of Ministry of Saudi Transport, non-Saudis are no more allowed to work for private riding services such as Careem and Uber. Even private cars, which are owned by the driver themselves, are not allowed now.

In the Ministry of Transport of the Kingdom, Turki Attaimi, who is the General supervisor of corporate communications and marketing, revealed that there is a now special eligibility criterion to work for services like Uber and Careem.

The expatriates who have transferred their sponsorship to Uber and Careem and driving the cars registered in the name of Uber and Careem are an exception to the rule. The reaction by the expatriates on this limitation is not that good as they will now face difficult because they won’t be able to work in the taxi business anymore.

The person now needs to be a graduate from training programs. The security sector, as well as the ministry of labor, thought that it was their responsibility to organize and manage the transport sector in general.

So, about four months ago, they introduced new rules and regulations to regulate the system well and gave a certain amount of grace period for riding services to rectify their faults and errors and mold themselves according to the new conditions and requirements.

Attaimi elaborated that the reason behind these changes is to minimize the gap between demand and supply especially related to vehicle application. Another reason was to get rid or filter out expatriates who were working illegally in this business with expired visas or violating the labor laws or using unlicensed cars.

The objective behind these new conditions is to minimize illegal activity by the expats and manage the transport system, to allow people to take advantage of these services safely.

Source: Arab News


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