Pilgrim loses SR 135k in Madina, recovered in 12 hours

The police in Madina have just arrested a bus driver who had stolen a huge sum of SR 135,000 from a pilgrim.

Madina police arrested the suspect within only 12 hours after they received the complaint about the incident.

The pilgrim kept SR 135,000 and a mobile phone in his bag and left it in his hotel room. It was missing when he returned back.

The police took immediate action to apprehend the suspected culprit upon the basis of information that had been provided to them by the plaintiff.

The police arrested him while he was driving from Madina to Makkah. At first, he refused to be involved in any such practice. Later, the bag with money was recovered from his luggage.

Once the money bag had been found and recovered from the trunk of the car, the driver had no choice left and confessed to hiding the bag inside the trunk of the car.  The Asian driver will be referred to the public prosecution.

Source: Arab News

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