Expat arrested for spitting on fruits and food items

Last week a video circulated on social media that showed a man whose identity is unknown spitting on the fruits after removing his face mask. Fortunately, he was caught red-handed for his action.

He was spitting on the food items

The man was spotted consciously spitting on the food that was kept on the shelves of the market.  The man was caught by the security person who was available at the market for his shopping.

According to the record of the site’s camera, the offender was seen removing the mask that he was wearing before sneezing and spitting on the foodstuffs. Luckily the security personnel available there started questioning him and grabbed him before he could escape.

He was arrested on the spot

He was arrested on the spot and has been put forward for investigation. The Public Prosecution announced the investigation of the individual according to Article 15, 17 of the Criminal Procedure System.

The sources from the Public Prosecution claimed that the competent Department started investigating on the matter. The arrested person was questioned for his actions and he was also informed about the rights granted him by the laws.

The whole store was disinfected

Soon after the incident, several precautionary measures were taken to clean and disinfect the place. The man has been tested for coronavirus. He is placed in isolation until the result of his report is announced. The competent court is in preparation to file a criminal case against him.

What could be the punishment?

A few days ago a man was caught for spitting on shopping trolleys in Baljuraishi Governorate and spreading the deadly virus. The Public Prosecution said that if his COVID19 results is positive, the expatriate worker can face the death penalty because his actions amount to first-degree murder.

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