Expat arrested for running online store without CR

Saudi authorities have taken into custody an expat for engaging in the act of selling goods through the Internet without possessing a valid commercial registration.

What is the crime?

The expat ran an illegal online store without obtaining the necessary foreign investment license or commercial registration.

The nature of this online store is unclear, but it operates without legal authorization and may be subject to penalties and legal action.

How was he selling?

He leverages TikTok’s popular social media platform to advertise and exhibit his products, effectively reaching a wider audience and engaging potential customers with creative and visually appealing content.

After violating the online store’s rules, it was promptly closed down. The perpetrator was then reported to the relevant authorities to face the full extent of the law.

Can we sell personal things?

We have noticed that many expats in Saudi Arabia are selling clothes, beauty products, and things to eat from home, which is a clear violation of Saudi Laws. If any business is being conducted on a commercial level, you need commercial registration for that.

However, it is absolutely fine to sell your personal things online to other people, such as a used mobile phone, a used car, etc., as it does not constitute a commercial activity.

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