Expat arrested for performing Umrah for Queen Elizabeth

Saudi authorities have arrested a man for performing Umrah on behalf of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

He posted a video of himself at the Grand Mosque flaunting a banner that reads that. We pray to Almighty to place Queen Elizabeth II among the righteous and to place her in the heavens”.

The video, not only went viral on social media but also sparked a debate among social media users.

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People were furious and called for immediate action against the man by arresting him.

Saudi law does not allow anyone to put on banners and slogans during the Hajj and Umrah as they are in Makah.

Can we perform Umrah on behalf of others?

As per Islamic rules, Muslims are allowed to perform Umrah on behalf of a dead Muslim. However, it is not allowed to do it for a dead Non-Muslim.

Queen Elizabeth II had been heading the Church of England, the mother church of the worldwide Anglican Communion, during her lifetime.

The man who performed umrah on behalf of the queen has been arrested for violating the laws of Umrah. Legal measures and actions will be taken against him.

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