Expat arrested for collecting money in Saudi Arabia

A Bangladeshi national in his 40s was arrested for raising funds for a cause in Saudi Arabia. Madina Police has seized SR 42,000, 4 computers, and 11 mobile phones from his custody. He has been referred to the public prosecution.

Only Saudi Nationals can promote fundraising

According to the Saudi Law, only Saudi nationals are allowed to get involved in fundraising campaigns no matter how noble the cause is.

An expat needs to take permission from the Saudi government for any fundraising activity.

The punishment for fundraising

If anyone found involved in fundraising in Saudi Arabia without authorization will be jailed from six months to two years followed by deportation. The authorities can also impose a fine of SR 500,000.

The law also emphasizes that printing houses are not allowed to print any fundraising coupon. They will only be allowed to print in the case that receives a copy of the campaign approval.

Source: Gulf News

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