Expat arrested for carrying unregistered medicine

The criminal investigation arrested an expat for possessing unregistered veterinarian medicines in Dammam.

What was his crime?

According to the criminal investigation officers, the culprit was transporting veterinary preparations in a vehicle without refrigerators, heat maps, and temperature gauges, even though the country was observing high temperatures.

The sources confirm that the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has referred the worker to Public Prosecution. The Saudi press agency reported that the worker was arrested during the inspection tour of the officials in the city of Dammam.

Unregistered medicine

The authority also claimed that the worker was equipped with unregistered veterinary medicinal preparations. He used raw materials to process veterinary medicines such as sprays.

It is indicated that he was manufacturing sprays used to treat parasites and animals’ eye diseases.

The investigation team analysis showed that the technical regulations for manufacturing veterinarian medicines were not complied with.

The worker also had in possession empty containers for the purpose of filling these preparations without obtaining regular licenses.

Article 27 Veterinary Products Law

The SFDA stipulates that the veterinary preparation’s possession, manufacture, composition, and marketing should be done only after attaining necessary statutory licenses by the Veterinary Products Law in the Gulf Cooperation Council states and executed according to  Article 27 of the law.

Expected Punishment

This article states that for anyone who violates the preparation, sales, and manufacturing rules, SFDA has the right to refer them to the Public Prosecution.

The law also states that the penalty for violation is imprisonment for five years and a fine not exceeding SR 5 million or both.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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