Everything you need to know about Connected TV

What is Connected TV?

Connected TV is a television that can be connected to the Internet to stream online content. It enables and simplifies the transfer of streamed video content. Today, this is the most preferred mode of watching. In fact, a lot of users are ditching their old-fashioned cable.

The Impact of Connected TV

Connected TV is the newest video advertising catchword going rounds in the industry. But then again, a lot of people are still not certain as to what it is nor do they have an idea about the power it has that can change video advertising. Connected TV, which is also called CTV, is basically a television that can connect to the Internet. Different from conventional TV, Connected TV includes Apple TVs, Smart TVs, and other gaming consoles, such as PlayStations and X-Boxes. One of the several reasons why Connected TV is so likable for advertisers is for the reason that it already has tremendous market pervasion. Aside from that, there are even a lot of whys and wherefores that Connected TV has great potential in video advertising. Connected TV is the future of advertising for the following reasons:

  • The connected TV can be found in all places.

The connected TV can be found everywhere. Because Internet media service provider and production companies, such as Amazon, Hulu, as well as Netflix,  create and deliver their own popular TV programs and movies, a rising number of individuals have subscribed for the purpose of convenience and for the fear of missing out on episodes. In fact, in the United States, 60% of families have a Connected TV; while in the UK, 66% of all its households own a Connected TV. It is projected that 75% of homes in the UK were predicted to connect their television to the Internet by the year 2020.

  • Connected TV is preferred by a lot of millennials.

The reason why Connected TV has great potential when it comes to video advertising is that it is loved by millennials. The sought-after video advertising audience, which keeps on getting harder to target, is coming together in one place – video streaming sites, like Netflix. In fact, millennials have a thing about the media content that is made available by Internet giants, like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. That is to say, the majority of millennials don’t feel the need for traditional TV. And because millennials are so focused on Connected TVs, clever advertisers must center their video advertising on Connected TVs. Check this article from Life in Saudi Arabia to know more about why Saudi millennials and adults are so crazy about American brands, like Netflix.

  • People are not annoyed by Connected TV ads

Advertising on Connected TV, advertisers have a far higher capability to aim at the audience they are looking for. Because of this, there is a much higher return on investment when it comes to Connected TV as compared to traditional television advertising. This, aside from the reality that almost all applications for viewing media content via Connected TV are not as expensive as traditional TV, adds to the truth that users don’t mind seeing video advertising on Connected TVs. Advertisers that waste millions of marketing dollars because they let users skip ads will not be a negative issue with Connected TV for the reason that its users know that those ads are part of the cost of that business. In fact, 50% of the respondents of a recent survey said that they think that viewing ads is a fair value exchange for media content that does not cost them that much.

As technology continues to improve and as more and more people adopt Connected TV into their households and daily living, more advertising dollars will move in the track of Connected TV. With this potential, advertisers are able to reach and have an impact on non-traditional audiences who are streaming media content through the Internet and Connected TVs. But then again, it will not be possible to stream and watch media content via Connected TV if you are not connected to the Internet, so better read this article to know which VPN is the best for Saudi Arabia. Still, for some who prefer satellite TV, check out this article about the best satellite TV providers.

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