EUCitizensship: How to move to Romania?

Romania is one of the countries that joined the European Union in 2007. This event prompted economic growth and an influx of tourists. The Romanian government largely supports businesses partly because of the newly introduced immigration laws. With companies like, you can check out how easy it is to get Romanian citizenship and start a new life.

Below, we will review mandatory citizenship registration procedures, set by the government of Romania. You will also find out about the most common advantages of living in Romania. Scroll down to find a list of necessary documents and what to expect from the registration with Eucitizensship, based on customers’ reviews.

Reviews on Eucitizensship

Procedures of relocation to Romania

First, you are probably wondering why choose Romania over other countries that provide options for citizenship in the European Union. Let us see five main advantages of Romanian ID-card, according to online reviews:

  • Passport of the EU citizen that allows traveling visa-free;
  • The ultimate level of privacy protection;
  • The right to live and work in any EU country;
  • Ability to obtain free European education;
  • Access to high-quality EU healthcare.


According to Eucitizensship feedback, one of the most widely used options for obtaining a Romanian passport is by passing a repatriation procedure. To do that, you will need to prove your territorial affiliation by providing documents like homeownership, long-term residence permit, or long-term leasing. Another option is getting citizenship status as a result of investing in a Romanian business.

Cooperation with Eucitizensship

 EUCitizensship immigration lawyers

Eucitizensship was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing international law consultations to clients. Quite soon, the newly created company grew into a successful law company that now focuses on assisting with European citizenship registration of nine EU countries.

Check out for contacting representatives of Eucitizensship and more details about their services. Reviews indicate that Romanian immigration assistance continues to be one of the most coveted Eucitizensship features.

How to get Romanian passport with EUCitizensship?

EUCitizensship takes the burden of document submission off your shoulders. All you need to do is sign the power of attorney agreement and provide them with the initial package of documentation that you already have. They will take care of most of the procedures, according to clients’ reviews. However, keep in mind that appointments like an oath-taking ceremony should be visited by you personally.

Let us briefly review the list of documents to submit for Romanian citizenship registration:

  • Birth certificate;
  • ID card;
  • International passport;
  • Proof of territorial affiliation;
  • 2 photos of 3.5 by 4.5 cm size;
  • Power of attorney;
  • Autobiography;
  • Citizenship application form.

Once you have applied, you need to wait for the government’s decision. Reviews show that the waiting time for repatriation applications usually lasts about 6 months. After receiving the approval, it is mandatory to take an oath and receive a certificate of Romanian citizenship.

The registration of an internal passport takes 21 working days, while an international passport can be registered in 14 working days (lasts 10 years) or 1 day for a temporary version (lasts 1 year).

Customers reviews about EUCitizensship

Reviews, written by EUCitizensship customers show that the process of obtaining Romanian ID-card with this company is easy and straightforward. Their lawyers provide an initial consultation for free and stay in touch during the waiting time.

Reviews show that EUCitizensship does a good job of explaining the customer’s rights and providing the necessary legal assistance. Repatriation requires providing specific documents, so it is very important to submit the full package. With the support of professional lawyers of EUCitizensship, it is much easier to form a potentially successful citizenship application. And online reviews prove this tendency to be true. 

Is it worth cooperating with Eucitizensship?

Summing up, here are the benefits of cooperation with EUCitizensship:

  • Full legal assistance;
  • Opportunity to file for citizenship in 9 EU countries;
  • Ability to delegate paperwork to professional lawyers;
  • Higher probability of application approval.

According to clients’ reviews, EUCitizensship gets mostly positive feedback about their support of citizenship registration in the EU. Customers mention reduced waiting time and a high rate of application approval.

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