6 Etiquettes of using Toilets in Saudi Arabia

People from western countries don’t feel comfortable using public toilets in Saudi Arabia as they are a bit different. Here, people wash themselves to be cleaned, and therefore, it is absolutely fine to find some water on the floor. Here are some etiquette of using Saudi Toilets;

Use Toilet Slippers

While entering a toilet, just look around to find slippers placed just beside the door. It means that now you cannot enter the toilet with your shoes. You will have to wear the sandals designated for this purpose. It also means that floor in the toilet is wet.

Etiquettes of using Toilets in Saudi Arabia

No Toilet Papers

Don’t expect toilet paper in the Saudi toilet. Instead of toilet paper, people in Saudi Arabia use a shower to clean and it is called a Muslim shower.

Even if you find toilet paper, the purpose is to clean the toilet seat rather yourself.

Wet Floors

Be ready for the wet floor in the Saudi Toilets. As I have already mentioned, Saudis don’t use toilet paper in the Toilets. Sometimes in the public toilets, they clean the toilet seat with the water which goes to the floor.

This is the reason; in most of the malls, you will see toilet cleaners who clean the toilets after every 30 minutes. Even in our office, toilet cleaner is sick of this water pouring habit.

Don’t stare

Toilets are also used for Wudu in Saudi Arabia. If you find someone washing his hands, arms, feet, and face, he is performing wudu. Don’t stare at him. He is doing a pretty normal thing.

Etiquettes of using Toilets in Saudi Arabia

Come out when you are fully dressed

Don’t open the door of the toilet unless you are properly dressed up. It is considered very unethical in Saudi Arabia that you are coming out of the washroom zipping up the pants.

Don’t go to the ladies toilet

Never ever even try to enter the ladies’ toilet in Saudi Arabia if you want to continue your life as a man. If you don’t understand Arabic, better to confirm with someone before entering.


The consequences of entering in ladies’ toilet can be very harsh. You may have to call for an ambulance to take you back home.

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