Entry ban on visit visa holders to 3 Saudi airports

Saudi Airlines guidelines

As per Saudi Airlines, visit visa holders can only enter Saudi Arabia through Riyadh and Dammam airports starting May 30, 2023.

In my opinion, this is also applicable to other airlines in Saudi Arabia such as FlyNas and FlyaDeal.

However, the instructions given by some foreign airlines are different from this as explained below by FlyDubai. Please read our conclusion if you are confused about the guidelines.

How long will the ban continue?

The entry ban on business/tourist and family visit visas at all other airports of Saudi Arabia except Riyadh and Dammam will continue till Dhul Hijjah 10, 1444 AH corresponding to June 28, 2023.

What if you have already booked flights?

If a visit visa holder has already booked to any other airport for his arrival in Saudi Arabia from May 30 to June 28, he will have to change his itinerary to either Riyadh or Dammam.

Can they travel by road?

Without explicit instructions from any Saudi authority, we believe they are free to enter any city of Saudi Arabia by road except Makkah.

Entry ban on visit visa holders to 3 Saudi airports

Foreign Airlines guidelines

Fly Dubai has different kinds of instructions for visit visa holders. Fly Dubai has warned all Muslim tourist/business/visit visa holders to stop booking flights to the following 3 airports starting from Dhul Qaadah 10, 1444 AH, corresponding to May 30, 2023.

  1. Madina Airport.
  2. Yanbu Airport.
  3. Taif Airport.

What about Non-Muslims?

As per the FlyDubai website, Non-Muslim passengers with business, tourist, or visit visas can enter Saudi Arabia from any airport including the three airports listed above.

Can they return from 3 banned airports?

As per FlyDubai guidelines, Muslim tourist/business/visit visa holders can depart from any of the 3 banned cities without any trouble.

Source: Fly Dubai.


To conclude, if you are traveling through Fly Dubai or any other foreign airline, you would be able to land at Jeddah airport having a visit visa.

However, if you are traveling through Saudi Airlines, they would not let you land at Jeddah airport and ask you to change your itinerary to either Riyadh or Dammam.

Therefore, it is important to check with the airline before booking your flight if you are holding a tourist, business, or family visit visa about the airport you are allowed to land in Saudi Arabia.

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