Emirati wife seeks divorce because her husband loves her a lot

It is simple and clear that every woman wants a perfect relationship where her husband showers his love, affection and kind feelings on her with zero arguments in their relationship.  Most of the married couples know that even if they have a strong bond, they do go through arguments. Which is, in fact, the worse part.

We want a relationship where we could communicate and let another one understands without arguing. At least all wives out there wished that their husbands won’t argue over small things.

Yet a very peculiar incident was reported from UAE that made us think does every woman really want an argument free relationship with her husband? Recommended: Recommended: Is kissing feet of wife allowed in Islam?

An Emirati wife filed for divorce

An Emirati wife sought a divorce from her loving and kind husband at Shariah court in Fujairah claiming that her husband loves her unlimitedly that it has become uneasy for her to bear his too much love. She claimed that her husband never yelled at her or turned her down but in fact, would help her out in house chores.

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He cooks for her

She said that her husband even cooked for her and helped her to clean the house. The wife felt shocked by the excessive love and affection from her husband and blamed that her life has turned into hell with this kind of relation.

No Single Dispute

She said that there was not even a single dispute in their yearlong marriage. She was always looking forward to a day where they could argue, yet her husband was submissive!

Besides this, the wife claimed that she blamed her husband about his excessive weight, so he went on a strict diet and exercise to get back in proper shape and his efforts also resulted in a fracture in his legs.

5318 Emirati wife seeks divorce because her husband loves her too much 01

She doesn’t want a hassle-free life

This thing indeed made the wife more upset and she said that she doesn’t want a hassle-free life full of obedience where her husband is fully obedient and kind to her but a real discussion and arguments in their relationship.

However, there was just one solution to save this marriage and that was an argument.  After the wife’s filed a divorce case, the husband demanded the court to advise his wife to withdraw the case, hence the court delayed the case and ordered to give a chance of reconciliation to this couple.

5318 Emirati wife seeks divorce because her husband loves her too much 1

Husband’s point of view

The husband unaware of his wife’s desires always thought that he has been a perfect and a loving husband who always surprises his wife with great affection and other gifts.

He thought he was a type of man that her wife expected for but he was wrong. He said that it is unfair to judge a relationship from the first year of the marriage and everybody learns from their mistake and indeed he has also learned.

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