Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia

The ignorance of people about the general helpline and emergency numbers in Saudi Arabia encouraged me to write this post. It is very important for all of you to know at least important emergency numbers in KSA such as Saudi police number so that you can call them in case of emergency. 

Some days ago, a friend of mine was jogging in a park when he fell down and went unconscious immediately. His wife called me instead of calling the related emergency number in Saudi Arabia i.e. 997 for help. Since I knew these emergency number by heart, I immediately called the Saudi ambulance which was there in the park before I reached there. Recommended: What are the rules for emergency leave in Saudi Arabia?

They took him to the nearest hospital about which I could never know if I had picked him from the park where the incident took place. See, how important it is to know the emergency number in Saudi Arabia as it could be a difference between life and death. 

997 – Saudi Ambulance Number

998 – Saudi Civil Defense

999 – Saudi Police Emergency Number

8001222224 – Financial Investigation

011-2928888 – Traffic Violation Enquiries

011-4011111 – Ministry of Interior

011-4055000 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

011-4043008 – Ministry of Hajj

011-2928888 – Ministry of Labor

011-4015555 – Ministry of Health

904 – Telephone Customer Service Center for Subscribers (STC)

905 – Saudi Telephone Directory

906 – Internet Internet Service Center (STC)

907 – Telephone Customer Service Center (STC)

909 – Telephone Enterprise Services Call Center (STC)

933 – Saudi Electricity Customer Services

939 – Saudi Water and Sewerage Services (Eastern Region)

940 – Saudi Municipal Services

966 – Saudi Natural Disasters

985 – Saudi General Intelligence Presidency

988 – Meteorology

989 – Saudi Public Security

990 – Saudi Telephone Service for Security Issues

992 – Saudi Passport

993 – Saudi Traffic Police Force

994 – Saudi Border Checkpoint

995 – Saudi Anti-Narcotics

996 – Saudi Highway Traffic Police Force

920000560 – Najm Insurance Service Company

If you need an emergency number of any other department in Saudi Arabia, please drop a comment below. It will also be added to the list above.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.