Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia

It is very important to memorize some emergency numbers in Saudi Arabia such as Police, Ambulance, Muroor, Traffic Police and fire station, etc.

List of Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia

112 – General Saudi Emergency Numbers – رقم الطوارئ العام.

999 or 911 Saudi Police Number – رقم الشرطة السعودية. There is no WhatsApp number for Saudi Police.

998 – Saudi Fire Emergency Number – رقم الدفاع المدني السعودي.

997 – Saudi ambulance number – رقم الاسعاف.

996 – Saudi Highway Traffic Police Number – رقم شرطة المرور السعودية.

995 – Saudi Anti-Narcotics Number – رقم مكافحة المخدرات السعودي.

994 – Saudi Coast Guards Number – رقم خفر السواحل السعودي.

993 – Saudi Traffic Police Number (Muroor) – رقم المرور السعودي.

saudi emergency numbers
saudi emergency numbers

992 – Saudi Criminal Investigation Number – رقم المباحث الجنائية السعودية.

990 – Saudi Emergency Number in case of Death.

989 – Saudi Public Security.

988 – Meteorology Department.

985 – Saudi General Intelligence.

933 – Saudi Electricity Emergency Number – رقم طوارئ الكهرباء السعودية.

966 – Saudi Natural Disasters – 

939 – Saudi Water and Sewerage Services.

940 – Saudi Municipal Services.

905 – Saudi Telephone Directory.

19991 – Anti Corruption Number – Nazaha.

1919 – Domestic Violence Hotline.

1909 – HAIA or Mutawwa.

123 – Saudi Flying Ambulance Number – رقم إسعاف الطيران السعودي.

920000560 – Najm Number – رقم النجم.

8001256666 – Bank Complaints with SAMA.

If you need an emergency number from any other department in Saudi Arabia, please drop a comment below. It will also be added to the list above. 

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