Elite Sites Of Dubai To Purchase Real Estate

Remarkable for impressive architecture, friendly environment, and its reputation as the foreigner’s hub in Asia, Dubai is the delight of all who love the good life. But it is public knowledge that some areas are more elite than others. Before you Buy properties in Downtown Dubai, UAE, check out some other elite regions where you can live a quiet, quality life.

Best Elite Communities in Dubai

There are many perks to living in the elite areas of town; those locations are classy, serene, and beautiful. But they are mostly famous for the caliber of residents in the area. Other than the comfort, having a celebrity next-door neighbor could be a pleasant surprise, not to mention the opportunities such encounters create for people and an avenue to form quality relationships.

According to https://www.axcapital.ae/, the top five elite societies to live in are Palm Jumeirah, Umm Sequim, Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, and Mirdif, listed in no particular order.

Cost of renting apartments in the elite sites of Dubai

Count your expense and be aware that apartments are often worth their money and prices are inflated based on location.


Average rent

Umm Sequim

100, 000 AED


50, 000 AED

Arabian Ranches

150, 000 AED

Palm Jumeirah

165, 000 AED

Downtown Dubai

150, 000 AED

The Elite Communities of Dubai – Breakdown.

Umm Sequim:

Located at the left and right-hand side of the famous beach road in Jumeirah, is a fleet of fancy villas and premium housing. The umm Sequim has some of the most expensive houses in Dubai. This city comprises five smaller communities: Umm Sequim 1 to 3, the Umm Sequim road, and the Medinat Jumeirah area. The area is perfected with its Mall, Jumeirah Beach, and Water Park (Wild Waldi).


Nicknamed the jewel of the country far from the skyscrapers, life in Mirdif is calm, peaceful, and distinguishable from the extreme urbanism in other city areas. Mirdif has a mall, many small supermarkets, and two major medical centers. Being less than fifteen minutes drive from the airport, Mirdif is one of the communities easy to access by ex-pats and even passersby. It also has many schools and community centers (such as Dubai’s largest park – the Mushrif Park), making it one of the friendliest places for family people. Of its four communities, uptown Mirdrif is the most famous.

Arabian Ranches

As one of the first semi-urban freehold communities, the Arabian Ranches is home to a rare combination of elite, educated, and wealthy people in Dubai. It was quickly sold out due to the Arabian golf club and the beautiful community houses. The area has all essential amenities and is most suitable for families who own their car and do not mind some garden spaces by their villas. The Arabian Ranches is divided into fifteen smaller communities.

Palm Jumeirah

A mention of Dubai is partly a mention of Jumeirah and the tallest buildings, such as Burj Arab and Burj Khalifa. Palm Jumeirah, the Jumeirah Village Circle, and the Jumeirah lake city are highlights of the Palm and its surrounding area.

Downtown Dubai

The Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Aquarium are some of the highlights of this beautiful city. There is an extended option of properties in downtown Dubai; however, they are costly to obtain.

How to Be Prepared for Life in the Elite Cities

Living in the elite areas of Dubai is costlier than in other suburbs, so you may have to beef up your budget and prepare to be assimilated into the community.


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