What is the electricity unit price in Saudi Arabia?

Before settling down in Saudi Arabia, you might be interested to know the per-unit rate of electricity price or how much it is going to cost you on a monthly basis. Here is how to calculate electricity bill in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Electricity Bill Calculator

Type of Connection
No. of Units (kwh)
Electricity Price (SAR)
Service Fee (SAR)
VAT - 15% (SAR)
Total Electricity Bill (SAR)

Electricity Rate per Unit

The price of per-unit electricity as approved by the Council of Ministers’ Decree dated 12/12/2017, which has been applied since 1/1/2018 in Saudi Arabia is the following;

Residential Users

  • Per Unit cost of Electricity up to 6,000 kWh: SR 0.207.
  • Per Unit price of Electricity above 6,000 kWh: SR 0.345.
  • 15% VAT is charged on the prices mentioned below.

Commercial Users

  • Per Unit cost of Electricity up to 6,000 kWh: SR 0.23.
  • Per Unit cost of Electricity up to 6,000 kWh: SR 0.345.

electricity price in saudi arabia

Fixed Charges

In addition to that, Saudi Electricity Company charges a fixed monthly amount based on the capacity of breakers for meter reading, meter maintenance, and bill preparation. Here is the fixed monthly electricity cost;

electricity cost in saudi arabia

Average Electricity Bill

Electricity cost is not a major expense in Saudi Arabia as it is quite cheap. However, you should expect an average monthly electricity bill of around SR 50/person in winter and around SR 100/person in summer.

Saudi Electricity Company Helpline

  • Saudi Electricity Helpline Number: 920001100.

Source: SEC

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