Ekhlas: A Yazidi girl raped 180 times by ISIS

Yazidis are a name given to a religious group who used to live in Northern Iraq. They, unfortunately, were forced to run away as they got attacked by ISIS. Most of the men were killed while girls and women were captured.  ISIS captured about 50,000 Yazidis. 

Women were used as sex slaves

The captured women faced physical abuse and were even used as sex slaves. Ekhlas, one of the captured Yazidi girls has unfolded her story.

Giving an interview with BBC, Ekhlas claims that her captor would rape her every single day for 6 months! 

Describing her captor, she explained that he had the looks of a beast. He was so ugly that it was difficult to keep eye on him. He had long hair and always carried a bad odor. The poor girl looked angry and disgust while describing her captor.

How was she released?

Her captor, luckily, was attacked and a fight started. While he was busy fighting, Ekhlas escaped and ensured safety as she was taken to a refugee camp.

One would be amazed to see her interview as she had not cried once. She explains that she has now run out of tears.

Source: Arab News

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