Egyptian wives are no. 1 at beating their husbands

UN crime report statistics indicate that “Egyptian wives are considered internationally number one in abusing and beating their husbands. In the ranking, Egypt is followed by India and the UK.

The UN crime Statistics Report says that Egyptian Wives not only use their hands but also use different items such as pins, slippers, shoes, weapons, belts, needles, utensils to beat their husbands.

66% of Egyptian women who beat their husbands end up filing for divorce in the Family Court. Moreover, around 6,000 cases are registered by Egyptian husbands for domestic abuse every year.

Islam does not give permission to wives to beat husbands no matter what happens. As a result, women are social, physical, and mentally harassed and abused. However, after getting the UN crime statistics, people’s view about this perception that just women are targeted should be changed.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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