Egyptian Woman beats the man who pinched her – 3 years Jail

Recently a harasser in Qena Governorate, Egypt was sentenced to 3 years prison. This happened after unlimited efforts by a brave woman. It was this man fault that he thought he will harass a woman and she will let him go.

A brave and Courageous woman attacked back the pervert and pushed him to the court that announced him a sentence of three years’ imprisonment. In the video clip, it can be easily seen a man name Islam SH. assaulted a woman name Rania who was passing through the street.

The man thought to pass away easily after assaulting her but this time he chooses a wrong woman for himself.  This incident date back to late 2017 when the brave woman, Rania stood against her harassment and refused to let her harasser run away with his crime.

She hit him back with her handbag and chased him and also called the passerby to stop him until she made him arrested by the police. The great woman took legal action against the abuser and aimed to stand in her decision until she could make him charge for sexually harassing a woman.

It was also reported that the woman received several threats demanding to withdraw her complaint.  Following several hearings since 2017, the court finally sentenced and charged the man with sexually harassing a lady.

This was the first time a harasser was charged with harassing a woman. This decision was titled as the first sexual harassment sentence that was passed in Egypt Saeed region. This decision of the court was also praised by hundreds of female activists in Egypt.

Moreover, this woman struggles to drag her harasser to the court fighting against her harassment is making rounds online and everyone is admiring her.

She was the first woman to stand up for sexual harassment while this is one of the major issues in Egypt and no other woman ever tries to commit any brave act like she did.

In 2013 a report was issued by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women which showed that almost 99.3 % of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual harassment. 

 The people of Egypt, instead of taking any legal action against the harassment, blame women that they themselves invite men for harassment by wearing tight clothes. This is the reason women rarely speak about their experience and avoid taking any legal action.

Source: Masrawy

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