Egyptian wife killed Saudi husband for his 2nd marriage

It has been reported that an Egyptian wife killed her Saudi husband as it was revealed to her that he is married to another woman. The incident took place in Egypt. 

The Qaliubiya province Police of Egypt narrated that they were approached for the case as the Saudi man was admitted to the hospital with severe injuries. He died shortly.

The wife refused the charges

As the injuries were serious, the police had to investigate the case. Upon inquiry, the wife told that the husband was trying to slaughter a goat at home, yet got injured badly.

She admitted the murder

As the claims of the wife did not satisfy the police, they started off an investigation. In the start, the wife, who is also a mother to his four children, told that she had nothing to do with the death of her husband. But as the police investigated, she spilled the truth.

The second marriage was the reason

She told that they got into an argument over the marriage of the husband. She was so angry that she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her husband multiple times in the chest.

The case is referred to the public prosecution while the wife has been arrested.

Source: Gulf News

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