Egyptian doctor leaves scissor in stomach after operation in Hail, Saudi Arabia

A patient has just accused a doctor working in a well-known hospital here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of doing something which is quite worrisome and disturbing. The patient claims that the doctor has left in a pair of scissors inside his stomach, during an operation to suck out fluids from it.

This news and subsequent reports on various social media platforms sparked off angry reactions from not only citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but by people all around the world who slammed down hard on the doctors responsible for this foolish and hazardous mistake which is highly likely to cause more damage to the health of the patient than the repercussions it would have on the career of the doctor.

Mohammad Suleiman Al Haiati, the patient with the scissors left in him, has spoken to the local media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and stated that he suffers from several ailments which include diabetes.

When did it Happen? Mohammad Suleiman Al Haiati spoke to the media and stated that around three months ago he visited the King Khalid Hospital in the city of Hail to carry out some tests after some fluid in his stomach had become overbearing and ultimately reached his lungs.

In accordance to the reports, the doctors at the same hospital also had to amputate two of his toes from the right foot. However, Al Haiati returned to the hospital just two months after the procedure because the amount of fluid had increased drastically.

Al Haiati then stated that he had been admitted to the hospital and the doctor performed a seemingly successful operation around last week. Al Haiati added that however after two days in recovery there was still severe pain the abdominal region.

How did the doctor identify? The doctor who had operated on him stated that the pain that he had been feeling was completely normal, however, he took an X-ray just to be sure, and in that X-ray, he discovered that there was a pair of scissors inside him.

The doctor who had operated on him previously did not inform him about any scissor left inside him; however, he simply told Al Haiati that he will need another operation to remove the fluid buildup from the stomach.

Thinking it was just normal or standard procedure, Al Haiati signed the consent slip for the second operation. The doctor in question is supposedly traveling to Egypt shortly.

Investigation: Al Haiati stated that the head of the hospital where he had been operated, Dr. Fawaz Al Rashed, has reassured him that there will be a complete investigation of this case.

Al Haiati has come forward to appeal to the Governor of Hail Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen to have a thorough and rigorous investigation was done in this case of extreme medical negligence and conspiracy to cover up the negligence by the doctor. 

It is sad that some doctors see old or ailing patients as cash cows to milk as much as they can before they either get better or die.

Source: Arab News

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