6 Effective ways of Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation requires special tactics and a compact strategy for successful results. The biggest way to get an on a win/win situation regarding salary settlement is to get an idea about employers’ intention to pay.

In this way, it is easy to get to a reasonable point to let employer agree to your terms and conditions regarding salary package you want. The experts have devised special instructions for winning a salary package negotiation to avoid deadlock or disappointment.

  1. Get yourself prepared

The most important thing is to get equipped with complete and accurate information about salary packages available in the market. Many individuals get confused when they are asked abruptly at an interview point that what slot of salary he expects or wants. Those who don’t have an idea can utter in confusion an inappropriate figure whether high or low as compared to market value.

This can create a deadlock in an interview or disappoint employee or employer or both. One must get information about market value available for qualification, skills or expertise and experience he has from his social or professional circle before the interview.

  1. Don’t take hasty decisions

In case the employer offers salary package seems appropriate one must not be hastily forgiven a positive response. Graduated residing in the middle east especially KSA must take the time to properly analyze the appropriateness of salary offered to avoid any further regret.

  1. Non-monetary benefits analysis

While negotiating salary don’t just rely on basic salary. Try to have a complete look at benefits and perquisites available as a whole. Sometimes basic salary is not good but perquisites and benefits make it worth acceptance. One should be cautious about inquiring and comparing complete salary package with market rates available.

These perquisites involve working hours, bonus and honorarium facility, transportation, health, accommodation and education packages, and allowance, etc. Recommended: Factors to Consider When Signing an Employment Contract in Saudi Arabia

  1. Fair comparison

Don’t accept salary without comparing it with market rates but on the other hand, don’t make an unreasonable comparison with market rates of salaries. While making comparison be assured about the nature of industry must be same, operations and human resource policies should match.

The salary package comparing with another one must be for the same kind of designation like manager against the manager, teacher against teacher, etc. You should study the average salary of your profession in the market. Average Salary by professions in Saudi Arabia is given in this link which can help you in getting an idea to set your targeted salary.

  1. Let the employer start the negotiation

While the interview is carried on, an employee or candidate must wait for employer intention to start salary negotiation. In the case of interviewee starts arguing about salary packages instead of other areas are in the discussion, it generates a bad image on the edge of the employer about dedication and concern of employee.

  1. Avoid a specific salary figure

It is not advisable to talk about a specific figure of the salary package. In case negotiation is carried on, try to give a range for ease of employer and give him space for further thinking. In case the minimum limit is not being agreed for basic salary, it is recommended for an employee to try to improve negotiation of benefits and perquisites attached to salary package.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.