Effective OCR Process: Image-to-Text Conversions For Free

Optical character recognition is an advanced technology that instantly copies text from images and pastes it into an editable document. Today, the use of OCR has grown to an extensive level. Every other business is highly relying on this technology due to precision, fast document processing, and high security. Basically, OCR creates a transparent layer of characters just below the images that are easily recognized by its algorithms. After successful identification, the technology then prepares a document for you that contains all the text in its belly.

The best applications of OCR include advanced image to text converters. These converters help to transform any kind of image into an easily understandable text file. Except for text only, we have another JPG to Excel converter that provides an edge when you have to extract data tables contained in pictures. These online tools are a clear image of OCR technology and give you practical insight into this technology. So let’s discuss a little more about these converters and optical character recognition.

How do OCR Functions?


Preprocessing improves the quality of images by eliminating scaling, noise, and binarization.

Text localization:

Locates areas where text is present.

Text segmentation:

Divides the recognized areas into lines and then separates each line into a character.

Feature Extraction:

Extracts traits that are helpful for identifying characters.

Character Recognition:

To identify characters, machine learning or rule-based algorithms are used.

Why is OCR Important?

As you know most businesses still use physical documentation that is not so difficult to handle but occupies more space. But OCR drags you out of this situation. An image to text conversion tool can be used here to streamline the text recognition and conversion procedure. The tool extracts text from images with OCR in seconds by using OCR technology.

If you are running a business, then you can convert image to text without any hassles. Even now, you can manage your financial record sheets by using a JPG to Excel converter. The converter also utilizes the same methodology to look for tables in images and transform them into spreadsheets. Another advantage of both tools is that they prepare a document that is easily editable and can be saved for future editing.

How OCR Tools Can Assist You?

Let us explore the best OCR tools available in the online market!

Card Scanner:

In the world of document conversions, cardscanner.co has developed an unbeatable picture to text transformation tool. The site is totally loaded with the most advanced converters that are more than necessary for your business documentation handling. For now, we will explore the picture to text converter process regarding image text extraction thoroughly.

A photo to text converter helps you to convert image to text with OCR regardless of operating systems (Windows, Linux, or mac) and devices using it. It uses advanced OCR technology assists to manage your picture to text file conversions without any delay. The algorithms used in the tool are highly optimized that take instants to identify all fonts in infographics and transform the text body into a separate file.

How Does It Function?

The OCR image-text converter is very simple to use. Let’s discuss how!

  • First of all, open the converter
  • Now you are left with multiple options to upload documents that include Browse, Dropbox, or G-Drive
  • Once you upload the document, to convert to initiate the conversion
  • This is how you will instantly have your text file in your hands


OCR2Edit is another OCR-based platform that provides multiple document data extraction facilities. Due to the 100% accuracy in document conversions, the site has become the most trustworthy for online businesses, students, and other professionals.

Let us discuss the image to text converter developed by the site. The tool functions precisely like its counterparts that permits to convert image to text without any hassles. Whether you are having PNG, JPG, Jpeg, or TIFF images, the tool supports text extraction for all of these formats.

One of the main advantages of this converter is the high compatibility that makes it the best converter for instant file conversions for your businesses. It can be operated very easily:

  • o to Google and type OCR2Edit
  • Open pic to text converter there
  • Upload your document
  • Get your document

The Online Converter:

Coming to another best conversion platform, this website is specifically designed for those who seek some sort of professional document handling. Whether you have to deal with image conversions, document formats turning, or converting video to audio or vice versa, everything can be done here. Due to all the features everyone seeks, the site is a good option for all of your transformation needs.

JPG To Excel Converter – An Advanced OCR-Based Tool

The converter developed by this site is another example of how OCR makes document digitization easy and fast. It helps you to convert JPG to Excel spreadsheets with formatting preservation with the assistance of provided image to excel converter. The tool never compromises the quality of spreadsheets and maintains the data as it is after conversion.

There are only three steps that are involved to use this tool to turn a JPG into an Excel file. These include:

  • Uploading document
  • Tap convert
  • Get your tabular data file straightaway without any error

One of the biggest advantages offered by this converter is high security for your converted files. Your data gets deleted automatically after you are done with your conversion. Moreover, if you have to prepare hundreds of financial spreadsheets at a single time, the converter is the best choice for you. It allows you to upload batch images containing tables and convert them to Excel sheets without compromising quality.

Let’s Conclude:

Optical character recognition has provided us with unlimited features for our digital businesses. Whether your goal comes up with scanning invoices, preparing bills, or scanning important notes or tenders, the technology can better assist you always and offers unlimited conversions at a single time. It reduces manual labor and makes your businesses become even more productive. Make your business digital with this latest technology right now!

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