How to get Efada Medical report for driving license?

You need to get a medical test report from an Efada-approved hospital to apply for a driving license or renew a license in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we have explained the process and given a list of approved medical test centers and hospitals in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and all other cities of Saudi Arabia.

Visit the Medical Test Center

First of all, select an Efada-approved hospital or center for the medical test from the list given at the end of this article. The following are the requirements for an Efada medical test report for a driving license.

  1. Sponsor ID.
  2. Original Iqama.
  3. Original Driving License.
  4. 2 photographs.
  5. The fee for the medical test = SR 150 + VAT.

Efada medical report

Efada medical report for driving license

The Efada medical test for the driving license comprises 3 stages which are explained below.

  1. Blood Samples

After the registration, the hospital or center will take your blood sample to test your blood group. Your blood group will be printed on your driving license.

Efada medical report for driving license

  1. Eye Test

After taking the blood sample, they will take you to another room for eye testing where you would be required to differentiate between green and red color.

Moreover, they would check if you can see properly with your glasses (if you wear them). If your eyesight is weak, you will get a Saudi driving license with the restriction code 3.

efada eye test for driving license

  1. General Checkup

The third and final stage of the medical test for the driving license is just to go to a doctor who would ask you some general things to check if you are alright. 

Check Driving License Medical Report

Unfortunately, there is no online platform to check the result of the Efada medical report for a driving license.

However, once you pass the eye and blood tests, the staff updates your Efada medical report to the Absher system. You will receive an SMS from once they update it to the Absher system.

After receiving the SMS, you are all set to apply for a driving license, renew a license or replace a license in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi driving license medical test hospitals

In the list of Efada-approved medical test centers for driving licenses given below, you can search for the hospital in your region.

We have given details of different cities and regions such as Madina, Jouf, Domat al Jandal, Abha, Baha, Jubail, Dammam, Khobar, Hail, Jizan, Jeddah, Makkah, Rabigh, Taif, Najran, Riyadh and Tabuk. 

Hospital NamePhone NumberCityRegion
Ais General Hospital0143240400Al eassAl Madinah District
Complex Hanakia General Medical Clinics0148620893AlhonakiehAl Madinah District
Polyclinic Medical healing Lamasat0148681899AlmahdAl Madinah District
ALamal Polgclinic0148681372AlmahdAl Madinah District
Prince Abdul Mohsen Ola Hospital0148843743AlolaAl Madinah District
Badr General Hospital0143324827BadrAl Madinah District
Khyber General Hospital0148546525KhaibarAl Madinah District
Center for medical reports Madinah0148445915MadinahAl Madinah District
Nativity General Hospital0148681050MadinahAl Madinah District
ALbeer Medical Center0148667131MadinahAl Madinah District
shifa taibah plyclinic0148444499MadinahAl Madinah District
central blood bank0148452993MadinahAl Madinah District
alasfareen0148280057MadinahAl Madinah District
R L0148379096MadinahAl Madinah District
alhamnah general hospital0148430731Wadi Al faraAl Madinah District
Yanbu General Hospital0142567982YonbohAl Madinah District
University Medical Center0148471661Al Madinah District
Hospital Prince Sultan0148411181Al Madinah District
prince Mutab bin Abdulaziz hospital0146246012AljofAl-Jouf District
King Faisal Hospital Qurayat0146421360AlqurbatAl-Jouf District
Life Medical Complex0146422223AlqurbatAl-Jouf District
Gurayat General Hospital0146424716AlqurbatAl-Jouf District
dawma algandal hospital0146224070Domat Al JandalAl-Jouf District
Suwair General Hospital0146291141SowairAl-Jouf District
tabarjal general hospital0146286227TabarjalAl-Jouf District
Shamasan Polyclinic0172248830AbhaAsir District
Abha General Hospital0172251050AbhaAsir District
Qahma General Hospital0172407536AbhaAsir District
King Khalid Universty0172419865AbhaAsir District
AL Maddah Hospital0172694010AbhaAsir District
Balhamer Hospital0172840028AbhaAsir District
Ahad Rafidah General Hospital0172508969AhdarfeedaAsir District
Albark General Hospital0172410070AlbarkAsir District
Majardh General Hospital0172812522AlmajardaAsir District
Namas General Hospital0172821607AlnamasAsir District
Ballsamar General Hospital0172822995BalqrnAsir District
Hospital convalescence0176226911BishaAsir District
Hospital Tathleeth0172670920BishaAsir District
Bashayer hospital0172569815BishaAsir District
alnagaha hospital0171111111BishaAsir District
Hospital Khamis Misheet0172234325Khamis MshaitAsir District
K M M C H0172231107Khamis MshaitAsir District
AL hargah General Hospital0172490308Khamis MshaitAsir District
Armed Forces Hospital in South Region0172500001Khamis MshaitAsir District
ISO Quality General Hospital0172592602MuhailAsir District
Expets Medical Center0172851999MuhailAsir District
Hospital Rigal Almee0172580019Rijal AlmaAsir District
Hospital Sarat Obeida0172590210Sarat ObaidaAsir District
Tanomah General Hospital0172836487TanomhAsir District
Dhahran Hospital South0172550332Thahran AljanoobAsir District
Makhwah General Hospital0177280320Al-BahaBaha District
King Fahad Hospital in Al Baha0177254000Al-BahaBaha District
Aqeeq General Hospital0177390386Al-BahaBaha District
Regional Laboratory0177251030Al-BahaBaha District
al mkwaah0125479868Al-BahaBaha District
aldhafeer helth center0177251450Al-BahaBaha District
Almendq General Hospital0177511479AlmandaqBaha District
Ashfa Medical Complex0177513525AlmandaqBaha District
Beljarshy General Hospital0179853485BaljirshiBaha District
Health Center No 2 Baljurashi0177222569BaljirshiBaha District
Gulwh General Hospital0177300500QulwaBaha District
The general medical Ahsa0135750000Al AhsaEastern District
MENERA MEDECAL0135750642Al AhsaEastern District
king fahad hospital in hofuf0135750000Al HofufEastern District
Medical Fitness Center in Jubail Northern0133623435AljubailEastern District
armed forces0136409000AljubailEastern District
Health services program for the Royal Commission0133460000AljubailEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Khafji0137660111AlkhafjiEastern District
Medical Center Fitness Center Health Ashrafi0133701040AlnoariehEastern District
Medical Fitness Center General Hospital Balenairia0133730674AlnoariehEastern District
prince sultan hospital in Mulijah0137270487AlnoariehEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Qatif0138231069AlqutaifEastern District
alqatif central hospital0138360040AlqutaifEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Hospital anek0138361616AnnakEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Bbakik Halgh0135663960BaqiqEastern District
k f mmc0178440000BaqiqEastern District
Dammam Comprehensive Screening Center0138416192DammamEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Hospital Prince Sultan araarha0133280610DammamEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Bmscha Prince Sultan Mlijh0137260004DammamEastern District
alahmadi medical0138201608DammamEastern District
king fahad hospital0138431111DammamEastern District
SHIFA ALDMMAM0138176806DammamEastern District
securitg hospital0130810506DammamEastern District
SECURITY FORCES HOSPITAL0118105080DammamEastern District
Dar Afia Medical co0138050101DammamEastern District
Dammam Medical Complex0138155777DammamEastern District
Child and Child Hospital in Dammam0138426666DammamEastern District
Medical fitness center Ras Tannoura0136674444Ras TannouraEastern District
RasTanura Hospital0136674444Ras TannouraEastern District
Saja medical services co0138222525DammamEastern District
Alamal Complex for Mental Health0138539500DammamEastern District
imam abdulrahman bin faisal University0133330000DammamEastern District
anmed forees hospital dahran0133301000DhahranEastern District
Johns Hopkins Aramco Health Care0138773260DhahranEastern District
King Khalid Hospital Hafr ALbatin0137213756Hafr Al BatenEastern District
hch0167730547Hafr Al BatenEastern District
Bright Medical Center0137200009Hafr Al BatenEastern District
algasomh0137241260Hafr Al BatenEastern District
Taj Alraiah Medical Care Company0137222259Hafr Al BatenEastern District
alnagaha hospital0137213745Hafr Al BatenEastern District
Hafralbatn mental health hospital0137231582Hafr Al BatenEastern District
Fitness center medical Al Khobar0133898666KhobarEastern District
Medical fitness center in the village of alolia0133862070Quraiyah Al AliyahEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Balrfaah0133880604Quraiyah Al AliyahEastern District
Alrafiah General Hospital0133880712Quraiyah Al AliyahEastern District
Rubban medical Center0138387401SayhatEastern District
Medical Fitness Center Bosp Safavi0136642222SfoofEastern District
Nahj AL Shifaa General Medical Company Group0138463999SfoofEastern District
madlouh madical center0138500208SiahathEastern District
allewa medical comlex0165271188BaqaaHail District
baqaa hospital0165270001HaelHail District
king khalid hospital Hail0165328888HaelHail District
somera hospital0165210818HaelHail District
AL SHMLE0162396680HaelHail District
laboratories and blood banks administrations in Hail0165353008HaelHail District
salamat hospita0165366666HaelHail District
almuwassam general hospital0171111111JizanJazan District
Abu Arish General Hospital0173250020Abi OraishJazan District
alharth hospital0173202822Al HarasJazan District
General Hospital alardh0173315655AlardaJazan District
ALAMANA MEDICAL COMPLEX0173408853AldaerJazan District
aldrb General hospital0173461036AldarbJazan District
Beach General Hospital0173421144BishJazan District
bash0173420944BishJazan District
Dhamad General Hospital0173132519DamdJazan District
frsan General Hospital0173160340ForsanJazan District
Hospital ahad Almsarhh0173190905JizanJazan District
FIFA General Hospital0173404329JizanJazan District
General Hospital sabya0173260222JizanJazan District
King Fahad Central Hospital0173250717JizanJazan District
Jazan General Hospital0173221200JizanJazan District
Management of infectious diseases to the health of Jazan0173172601JizanJazan District
hospital jazan0173314801JizanJazan District
Bani Malik Hospital0173404356JizanJazan District
alamal jizan0173213790JizanJazan District
Samtah General Hospital0173321448SamtaJazan District
alhkmai complex0173326222SamtaJazan District
Sleepless General Hospital0173150322TwallJazan District
South Qunfudah General Hospital0177328000AlqunfothaMecca District
alfaisal medical center 30126931256JeddahMecca District
Al Hamra health center in Jeddah0126606199JeddahMecca District
East Jeddah Hospital0122327555JeddahMecca District
National Guard Health Affairs0122266666JeddahMecca District
mohmmad aljedaani medical center0126411144JeddahMecca District
namera general hospital0177335824Al OraydatMecca District
el lees0177421958AllaithMecca District
Qunfudah General Hospital0177320206AlqunfothaMecca District
Adhim General Hospital0127426088AthamMecca District
Alhamra Hospital0126653777JeddahMecca District
abdulazez0126401000JeddahMecca District
fahad0126606111JeddahMecca District
KFSH0126677777JeddahMecca District
al thager0126209559JeddahMecca District
king fahed armed0126653000JeddahMecca District
king addulaziz airport0126855931JeddahMecca District
king abdulaziz0126375555JeddahMecca District
Medical Department King Abdulaziz University0112695171JeddahMecca District
talal salah est0126939222JeddahMecca District
CMEBB0126747352JeddahMecca District
Alalameya polyclinic0126995333JeddahMecca District
Comprehensive medical examination center0125433077MakkahMecca District
Crystal Knight medical complex0125277222MakkahMecca District
Almajd Clinic0125403030MakkahMecca District
Administration Lab Blood Bank0124320919MakkahMecca District
Rowad Medical Polyclinic0125448880MakkahMecca District
al gonfh0177350208MakkahMecca District
UMC0125589953MakkahMecca District
Al Noor Specialized Hospital in Makkah0125665000MakkahMecca District
Maysan General Hospital0127605325MessanMecca District
rabig0124221620RaighMecca District
Amal Rabig0124222916RaighMecca District
Ranya Hospital0128421166RaniaMecca District
Hospital freight Saad B0127605919TaifMecca District
King Faisal Hospital0127446555TaifMecca District
Hospital Alqurei Bani Malik0127607649TaifMecca District
Alamueh General Hospital0128520878TaifMecca District
taif military hospitals pshrc0127541610TaifMecca District
al TaifKing Abdal Aziz Speclalist Hospit0127310800TaifMecca District
Kharma Hospital0112832105TaifMecca District
Central Blood Bank Altaif0127402110TaifMecca District
gaya0127570726TaifMecca District
majmae almalik faysal bimuhafazat alttayif0112744655TaifMecca District
doom0112085203TaifMecca District
turaba general hospital0128221683TurbaMecca District
king abdullah mediecal city0125563737Mecca District
almozailf0177382443Mecca District
c t m0126809624Mecca District
alamal complex0171111111NajranNajran District
khobash general hospital0175449428KhabaisNajran District
Laboratory Regional Medical Committee0175230912NajranNajran District
hbuna General Hospital0175452415NajranNajran District
king khalid hospital0175224116NajranNajran District
Armed Forces Hospital in Najran0175222244NajranNajran District
Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran0175293915NajranNajran District
badr aljanuob0175454388NajranNajran District
Najran Hospital0175421252NajranNajran District
shrorh0175321097NajranNajran District
Sharurah General Hospital0175321457ShrooraNajran District
sharurah0175321536ShrooraNajran District
TGH0175456822TharNajran District
Yadama General Hospital0175455513YadmaNajran District
almthnab hospital0163421325AlmothnibQassim District
almthmap0163421325AlmothnibQassim District
asyaah0134513500AlasyajQassim District
albadaeh hospital0163320076AlbadaehQassim District
Company Downa Medical Center0163326660AlbadaehQassim District
bukayreah general hospital0163350059AlbikairiehQassim District
nabhaniya general hospital0163410813AlnabhaniahQassim District
Alrass genaral hospital0163391168AlrisQassim District
DARBAH0162420700AlrisQassim District
al shmaseyh0134010666AlshmasiehQassim District
buraidah central hospital0163251414BredaQassim District
king fahad specialist hospital0163252000BredaQassim District
Maternity and Children Hospital Buraidah0163818228BredaQassim District
armed forces polyclinic alqaseeim0163800120BredaQassim District
alsaraya polyclinics0163240396BredaQassim District
al kobra0116334157BredaQassim District
gabah0163470020BredaQassim District
al gaaea0163911320BredaQassim District
alqwarah general hospital0163781214BredaQassim District
king soud hospital0163645000OnaizaQassim District
el maali medical co0113838888OnaizaQassim District
ayoon aljawa hospital0163911810Oyoon AljawaaQassim District
oglat alsgoor general hospital0116243100Oyoon AljawaaQassim District
gseaba0113780513Riad Al KhabraQassim District
alhanish phc0111111111AlsalilRiyadh District
soultan0110031115RiyadhRiyadh District
Military hospitals in the south0172500001RiyadhRiyadh District
Secretariat of the Asir region0110000000RiyadhRiyadh District
king abdullah university0110000000RiyadhRiyadh District
motamayzoon medical center0114530109RiyadhRiyadh District
Mchesvy Yamamah0114914444RiyadhRiyadh District
al yamamh0114914444RiyadhRiyadh District
Rashid Saleh Al Otaibi Clinics Complex0114231439RiyadhRiyadh District
EEP0111111111RiyadhRiyadh District
King Abdulaziz University Hospital0112825032RiyadhRiyadh District
Royal Medical Clinic0114882360RiyadhRiyadh District
Medical Administration0118302292RiyadhRiyadh District
afif general hospital0117222000AfifRiyadh District
mercyy of angle polyclinic0116524777Al QuwaieiRiyadh District
dawadmi general hospital0116436585AldawadmiRiyadh District
fahad moh alhusainy0116421838AldawadmiRiyadh District
Prince Salman Hospital0115417018AldlemRiyadh District
alqhat hospital0164422333AlghatRiyadh District
alhareq hospital0115371050AlhariqRiyadh District
alafalag hospital0116820002AliflajRiyadh District
king khaled hospital0115442525AlkharjRiyadh District
tamer hospital0164437384AlmajmaaRiyadh District
King Khalid hospital0164320000AlmajmaaRiyadh District
muzahmiah general hospital0115230058AlmozahmiehRiyadh District
alsoulel hospital0117821041AlsalilRiyadh District
aldwaian health center0117825284AlsalilRiyadh District
Tamra Health Center0117823222AlsalilRiyadh District
alzolfe hospetal0164226917AlzelfiRiyadh District
durma hospital0115222120DarmaaRiyadh District
hbt genral hospital0115553818Jotat Bani TamimRiyadh District
mrat hospital0116230380MraatRiyadh District
thadeq general hospital0164439911NadecRiyadh District
King Saud Hospital0112414050RiyadhRiyadh District
King Saud Chest Hospitsl012414050RiyadhRiyadh District
alamal compb of mental health0114804548RiyadhRiyadh District
General Hospital Sat Alallayh071630103RiyadhRiyadh District
ALEHSAA Hospital035804680RiyadhRiyadh District
clinic alber077340944RiyadhRiyadh District
Medical maximum Kindergarten company0114938919RiyadhRiyadh District
Medallion Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University012580453RiyadhRiyadh District
hawtat soder hospetal064431311RiyadhRiyadh District
National Guard Health Affairs0118043531RiyadhRiyadh District
Zahraa Jaber Khalafmrkzmedical Royal Commission Yanbu043937700RiyadhRiyadh District
health services program of royal commission for jubail033464000RiyadhRiyadh District
Muzahimiyah General015230974RiyadhRiyadh District
Hinakiyah General Hospital048620522RiyadhRiyadh District
rafayi alsamsh016426612RiyadhRiyadh District
wathelan general hospital016390220RiyadhRiyadh District
KMH0115448300RiyadhRiyadh District
ALkharj Military Hospitals015448300RiyadhRiyadh District
elkouat elmosalha0114777714RiyadhRiyadh District
king fahad medcal0114616006RiyadhRiyadh District
kkuh0114670828RiyadhRiyadh District
elhares elwatany016240000RiyadhRiyadh District
royal014915840RiyadhRiyadh District
medicl services026863193RiyadhRiyadh District
huraemalaa hospital015261217RiyadhRiyadh District
nafi hospital063466679RiyadhRiyadh District
DURMA GENERAL HOSPITAL0115220607RiyadhRiyadh District
security forces018024444RiyadhRiyadh District
markaz sehi koa alammn025530508RiyadhRiyadh District
wadi adwaser hospital0111784555RiyadhRiyadh District
king khaled hospital016432338RiyadhRiyadh District
prnce abdullrahman hospital062472000RiyadhRiyadh District
Baha health077250560RiyadhRiyadh District
jadah026998335RiyadhRiyadh District
prenc salman011497633RiyadhRiyadh District
Salman bin Abdulaziz University0115882350RiyadhRiyadh District
King Khaled Eye Hospital014821234RiyadhRiyadh District
Prince Abdulaziz bin Musad Hospital046613252RiyadhRiyadh District
king Salman Hospital0114311100RiyadhRiyadh District
Prince Faisal bin Fahd of Sports Medicine014821919RiyadhRiyadh District
north west armed forces hospitals044411088RiyadhRiyadh District
remah hospital012288412RiyadhRiyadh District
Taibah University048618791RiyadhRiyadh District
prince mohammed bin naef medical012464444RiyadhRiyadh District
saudi railways018713016RiyadhRiyadh District
king saudi medieal0114355555RiyadhRiyadh District
mohamed ben abdulaziz0112616666RiyadhRiyadh District
Dr Abdurahman almoshari hospital0114925040RiyadhRiyadh District
alsharq0112267128RiyadhRiyadh District
Clinics clinic complex life NCB0112444111RiyadhRiyadh District
albadri polyclinic0114509000RiyadhRiyadh District
DAWAAC0112446677RiyadhRiyadh District
abiat eltib medical complex 20112780211RiyadhRiyadh District
daknah0112320774RiyadhRiyadh District
Medical Department at the Ministry of the Interior0112686716RiyadhRiyadh District
aleman general hospital0114471903RiyadhRiyadh District
prince mohammed bin naif medical center0192000352RiyadhRiyadh District
prince sultan cardiac center0114783000RiyadhRiyadh District
King Abdulaziz Medical City0118011111RiyadhRiyadh District
king salman center kidney dieases0114976333RiyadhRiyadh District
Armed Forces Hospital0117842779Wadi Il DawasirRiyadh District
Hospital al wajh0144421735AlwajhTabuk District
Alwajh General Hospital0144421735AlwajhTabuk District
Hospital Alihura Bomlj0143820700AmlajTabuk District
Duba General Hospital0144320948DabaaTabuk District
haql distnict hospital0144531880DabaaTabuk District
General Hospital albda0144341219Markaz Al BadaaTabuk District
King Fahad Hospital Tabouk0144226100TabukTabuk District
dar aldakhel altebi0144242222TabukTabuk District
king khalid hospital0144220100TabukTabuk District
Taima General Hospital0144632002TaimaaTabuk District
Juddidah arar general hospital0146647300Jadedat ArarThe northern border District
Alawiglyah Hospital0146690480AlowaiqeelaThe northern border District
hospital prince abdul aziz bin msaeed0146613237ArarThe northern border District
Arar Central Hospital0146620132ArarThe northern border District
northen area armed hospital0137871777ArarThe northern border District
Rafha Central Hospital0146764131RafhaThe northern border District
Shobat nissab general hospital0146780075Shoubat NesabThe northern border District
Taima General Hospital0146522100TarifThe northern border District

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