Easy Taxi: A must have application for women in Saudi Arabia

While you are busy in some task in the office or somewhere else and suddenly you need to go somewhere, getting a cab in that urgency becomes a hard task sometimes and you may miss an important appointment. Let me share my personal experience of using “Easy Taxi” application. Easy taxi is a useful application that helps you to get a cab on urgent basis. Easy Taxi application is available for free at Windows Store, Google play, Blackberry World or App store. All you need to do is to download the free app on your phone and once you tap on “Call Taxi”, a cab starts running towards your destination. The developers have kept in mind the problems of home addresses so you need not go through the fatigue of explaining your address because the drivers are given smartphones equipped with GPS application. The passengers can also track the cab coming to them to have an idea that when the cab will be reaching their doorsteps.[irp]

Traveling in the Easy Taxi cabs is also safe, all the staff like drivers etc. is hired in the company after proper verification and they are registered with the company. Passengers can have a look at the photograph of a driver coming to them, they can talk with the driver as well and if a passenger feels uncomfortable with the driver, he is given the option to choose a different driver.  Easy Taxi cabs are available 24 hours a day, so no worries if you want to travel at some awkward timing. Passengers are not burdened with any hidden charges; the driver turns on the taximeter only when the passenger gets seated in the cab.

In my point of view, traveling in Easy taxi cab was a good experience, by tapping the “call taxi”, getting in the cab and till reaching home, everything was fine. Well, I have a few questions as well.  I wonder if someone from Easy Taxi could explain or some of our readers could comment. Easy Taxi Company claims that only good drivers are selected by the company. I cannot understand what does the term “good” mean here. Do they experimented on the drivers before hiring and ensured that the drivers those are going to be employed keep good habits and good standards of morality and behavior? Or, they mean that the people hired by the company possess good skills of driving a vehicle?

Easy Taxi’s claim that their drivers have been tested for hygiene and safety is also ambiguous. It is not clear that the company keeps a check on drivers to ensure that they do not smoke while they are on job and busy in transporting passengers towards their destinations or the drivers are tested for making it confirm that the cabs are kept clean all the times.[irp]

One of my colleagues says that she will confidently use Easy Taxi if her driver or Spouse is not available to transport her to her destination. The crux of the writing is that Easy Taxi is a promising service and it can be honestly termed as a “solution to travel with ease and safety”.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.