East Side Self Storage review: In-Depth Review of Business

With the growth in urbanisation and rise in the population of the world, more and more people are in need of storage solutions. Whether it be for their household belongings while they move, or their business documents, or inventory, vehicle, or even fancy canvases and art pieces.

This has led to the rise of the self-service storage industry all over the world. From the USA to England, to Australia, self storage companies are a frequent occurrence. Likewise, there has been a rise in self storage companies in Canada as well.

If you are from Winnipeg, and are looking for a suitable self-storage facility for your storage needs, then you are at the right place! East Side Self Storage is one such storage company in Winnipeg which has been in the industry for over 19 years now, and are still going strong.

Jared niessen founded the company and they provide mini-storage solutions in Winnipeg, MB. Along with Winnipeg, they also provide storage solutions in over 15 other locations, including but not limited to Transcona, Saint Boniface, Southdale, Elmwood,etc.

If you are looking for a storage solution in the area, continue reading for a detailed review of their website, pricings and customer reviews.

1. East Side Self Storage website

The home page provides the customer with a brief insight or introduction to what Easy Side Self Storage has in store for them. The company provides self-storage facilities in Winnipeg, Canada. They pride themselves on providing the best storage supplies, along with affordable and convenient storage unit prices, and climate-controlled storage rooms.

Storage tools

Towards the right top corner, you will find two tiny clickable texts, the first one being Storage Tools. This can take you to a Size Guide for your storage unit, or to an FAQ section, but lets understand the Size Guide first.

As the name says, this page can assist you in finding the right unit size for you. This is calculated depending on the types of things you wish to store in the storage unit. The first category of furniture displayed on the page is the Bedroom category.

You can choose which of the mentioned furniture pieces you need to store, and the page will calculate the storage size on that basis. You can also choose furniture and items from the Kitchen, Living amd Dining, Office and Outdoors categories.

Moving on to the FAQ section, it has information about the services and features of the East Side self storage company. There are questions regarding their location, store times, locations, supplies and so on and so forth. If you have any queries about the company, checking out the FAQ section might be of incredible help.

Storage Info

To the right of the Storage tools section lies the Storage Info section. This section provides information about Business storage, Features and Supplies provided by East Side. Each section has the following information available:

Business Storage: This page provides information about the Record storage options and Records and files storage services. As you scroll down, you will find a list of the features that are provided by the Company.

Impeccable security services, total access to your documents without additional access fees, temperature controlled storage units, flexible invoicing and paying for the storage that you require- the company has got a ton of features to make their service convenient and easily accessible by their customers.

– Features: This page entails a long list of the various perks that the customers of East Side enjoy. The company provides standard and air conditioned storage on a short term basis.

This is a major boon for customers as this makes storing and retrieving their belongings much easier. RV and Boat storage is another one of the many perks of the company.

Other than these, the facilities also have 24/7 video surveillance, drive-up access to ground level storage, residential and commercial storage, free truck rental while moving in, free wifi, and so much more. Supplies: East Side provides packing supplies and storage supplies for on-site sale.

These supplies include boxes of various sizes, packing tape with dispensers, furniture and mattress covers and even locks for safety, They also had on-site moving trucks for rent. This ensures you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of finding a truck rental company every again.

2. Pricing and Sizes

East Side has 3 categories of units with different sizes available: small, medium and large.

The small units start from $77, the mediums start from $191 and the large ones begin at $247.

The smallest unit falls at $77 dollars with 5’x5’ space and 8ft in length. It is non-climate controlled and perfect for a small number of generic belongings which do not need special temperatures to remain in good condition.

Further, 5’x5’ but 9ft in length falls at $79, and so on. The price keeps increasing with an increase in size or added features. The lowest climate controlled 5’x5’ unit falls at $87.

Non-climate controlled medium sized units start from $149 per month for 5’x15’x8’ units. Whereas the climate controlled 5’x15’ is rented out for $185 a month. Meanwhile, the larger units start at $227 for a 12’x10’x9’ non-climate controlled unit, whereas the climate controlled unit of 10’x15’ goes for $345 a month. The largest unit in the facility at Winnipeg is 12ft x 30ft x 9ft and is rented out at $433 each month.

3. Reviews

Based on the reviews on their website, one can assuredly say they are a good company with good services. They rent their trucks at $25 per hour according to Matthew Lavallee. This was an acceptable fee to the customer and he has left a review about the same.

Kimberly has left a glowing review praising the service of the East Side company who went above and beyond for her belongings. Neil ritter also seems to have had a great experience with the caring and accommodating employees whom he has praised in his review on their site.

These are very few reviews, so it is understandable if you do not feel comfortable renting from them just yet. Hence, to make a better and informed decision, you can choose to contact them by giving a call at (204) 818-8532 or texting (204) 808-0292.

Furthermore, the company website has an option to pay bills online as well. All you need to do is create an account and pay through their website when the bill is due.

All these perks make the company very customer-friendly. And they make finding and renting a suitable storage unit easy and affordable for you. Why wait, go check out their website and find your perfect match.

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