E-shop, the world’s best brands & stores in the Middle East with Big Savings!!!

Middle-East has always been the shoppers Paradise.  The story stands true since the 90s, passed on to the millennial and now to the Generation Z. For years together the Middle-East has been a very dear host and the most loved shopping capital of the world.

Exposure to the world’s most luxurious brands like Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Versace is not new to those either living in the Middle East or those who choose to Happy visit Middle East for shopping purposes only.

Middle- East is the enchanting place that has a magic lamp hidden in between the golden sands. You just need to go Abracadabra and enter a sparkling world of retail therapy. Here there is everything for everyone. So what’s on your shopping list? Buying jewelry, enjoying being pampered or just wanting to explore the city…The Middle East has it all.

 E-commerce in Middle-East

As per BMI research, Online shopping in the Middle East is rapidly evolving and has grown by 1500% over the last decade. With a dynamic young population and with one of the highest global per capita internet penetration levels the online spending potential is quickly emerging as one of the highest in the world. “In particular, the UAE and Saudi Arabia will remain the largest and fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the region.”

The world of Big Savings

In the second half of 2018, Barakatalan.com was launched.
It began with a simple thought of saving ‘Big’ and a dream to go beyond. Barakatalan was founded in the year 2018 with a vision to provide coupons, big discounts, and best deals when it comes to shopping online in the Middle –East. The brainchild of a young, vibrant, courageous and a shopaholic women. She believes in thinking positive to co-create and is proud of her venture which has changed her life 360 degrees both personally and professionally. She is Himmi Bangia. For a few years before this, she worked with the Middle East based E-commerce platforms and is well versed with what is the upgrade that people are looking for when it comes to online shopping in the Middle East.

The Growth

The National conducted a poll of 600 UAE residents by global payments company Visa in 2018. It was found, 66 percent of shoppers are now happy to buy online – a figure as high as 81 percent for Emiratis – while 70 percent are at ease paying utility or government bills using digital platforms.

Barakatalan taps into this 66 percent of shoppers who love to shop online. The website is growing 2x and not only promoting deals for luxury brands but generating best deals for Airlines, curating top online brands in the Middle –East and much more

The Deals

The website features the best shop online sites for Saudi Arabia which includes Sun and Sand Sports. Apart from this, coupons, deals, discounts are available on categories like travel- Almosafer, Tajawal, Rehlat & more for hotel and flight booking. Elabelz, 6th Street & Lacoste for fashion and clothing. Golden Scent for perfumes. Tavolashop for the home & kitchen. Plenty of sites for food and restaurants & home and furniture. The website will shortly be accessible in Arabic for the convenience of the local public in Saudi Arabia.

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