How to get Makkah entry permit during Hajj season?

Saudi Arabia has banned entry to Makkah for all without an entry permit, Hajj visa, or Umrah visa starting from May 26, 2022. Here is how to get the entry permit during the Hajj season.

It means that from now on till the end of the Hajj, only the following people can enter Makkah;

Entry to Makkah is banned for Hajj season

Who can get the Entry Permit?

Only those who work or live in Makkah are entitled to get Makkah Entry Permit. Their employers are required to provide them with an entry permit.

Do not enter Makkah without this permit even if your employer insists you do so as there is a heavy fine if you are caught doing so.

Makkah Entry Permit through Muqeem

For the entry permit registration, the government relations officer of your company will have to;

  • Open Muqeem:
  • Log in to your company account.
  • Click on “Permit Requests“.
  • Select “Add a Permit“.
  • Add data to the permit request.
  • Choose the person to be authorized.
  • Attach some necessary documents to support the case.
  • Submit the application form.

Request for Makkah Entry permit through Muqeem

After submitting the application, the processing will take place and the applicant will be notified through the portal about the issuance of the Entry Permit.

Entry permit for domestic workers

The sponsors can apply for the Makkah Entry Permit for their domestic workers such as house drivers, housemaids, haris manzli through Absher;

  • Open Absher:
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on “Services” under the Workers tab.
  • Select “Makkah Entry Permit“.
  • Click on “Request Entry Permit“.

That’s it, your entry permit will be issued immediately.

Request for Makkah Entry permit through Absher

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