Dubai slaps AED 50,000 fine for jumping red light

Dubai has just amended its traffic laws and imposed heavy penalties on jumping red lights, racing, and modifying vehicles. Would Saudi Arabia follow that?

Crossing Red Light

Any driver who jumps the red traffic light would be fined a whopping amount of AED 50,000.

Not only this but if a Non-Emirati heavy truck crosses the red signal, he would be fined AED 50,000 + deportation.

The owner must pay all the dues and fines to release the impounded vehicle.

Dubai slaps AED 50,000 fine for jumping red light

Racing Vehicles

Vehicles involved in the race on the roads without permission from the state will be impounded and seized with a fine of AED 100,000.

If a motorbike is involved in racing on the road, the fine amount is AED 50,000.

Motorcycle on the pavement

Riders caught riding motorcycles on pedestrian pavements would be fined  AED 50,000.

Modified Vehicles

Vehicles that have been modified to improve speed and give out loud noise shall be seized by the police. Vehicles with fake or unclear number plates are also entitled to be seized. The vehicles on which the fine exceeds Dh 6,000 will also be seized.

Any vehicle that is driven carelessly and imposes danger for the others on the road or a vehicle that tries to escape from the police is also entitled to seizer by the police.

Tinting the Glass

Those vehicles which have violated the tinting law shall be paying Dh10,000 to get their vehicles released.

Would Saudi Arabia follow that?

While I believe this kind of traffic fine would significantly reduce the number of traffic violations and accidents, I don’t think Saudi Arabia will go to that extent. There is already a fine of SR 3,000 for crossing red lights in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gulf News

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