Dubai based Indian Businessman bails out 4,500 prisoners from the Jail

A boy being dropped out of school at an age of eleven as his family could not afford his school fees. The boy had to share a room with nine siblings. After dropping out from school he started to run errands for his father’s business.

The boy and his family had to skip meals because of less earning.  The boy is now the great Firoz merchant. Yes, Firoz merchant the founder and owner of the PURE GOLD JEWELLERS were not born with a gold spoon.

He had to work hard to carve out a successful life.  The great Dubai-based Indian businessman was determined to do something great in life. As a child, he was motivated to become a businessman. And now he is living his dream.

He has become a business tycoon having 120 retail stores across the Middle East. His story does not end here. He has not only set an example in the business world but also has become a great symbol of humanity.

Growing up as a poor boy, living under hardships, the self-made businessman has all his sympathies with underprivileged.

Firoz Merchant is in collaboration with humanity based societies such as the Red-Crescent Society, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charitable Foundation, Dar Al Ber Society, Bait Al Khair Society, Jamiya Asarika Al Khaliya (Sharjah Charity International), UAE Genetic Diseases Association, Breast Cancer Control, Faraj fund, Ministry of Education UAE, Ministry of Health UAE and Zakat Fund Abu Dhabi.

He is also in contact with governments of the Maldives, the Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka for quite some time. Merchant donates relief money AED 200,000 to each of these countries to recover from the effects of natural disasters.

The merchant is also busy in releasing the prisoners. But not the criminals, the merchant does not bail out the people in jail as per their crime but only those who have ended up being in jail because of the financial issues. 

He says that he cannot forget the hardships he had to face because of being poor and does not want anyone to face such situations. Firoz has been able to release 4500 prisoners under his rescue and repatriation program.

They belong to various nationalities, by clearing off their debts. Not only their financial liabilities are cleared but also arrangements are made to send them back to their hometown.  Once released, no contact is made with them. 

His priority had been prisoners of UAE. But now he is looking forward towards wider GCC region and has devoted $1 million for this purpose.

Firoz merchant has more than 3,000 employees worldwide who are provided with a great working environment and they help in an emergency or in a case of special occasions.

Firoz merchant is indeed a great man. The man has gained such heights of success but is humble and sympathetic. Despite his large business setup, he devotes time and money towards the poor.

He is taking personal interviews to release next group of prisoners. Truly he is a jewel for humanity.

Source: Khaleej Times

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