Driver held for overtaking a school bus in KSA

Saudi police have held a driver, imposed SR 6,000 fine, and issued 4 black points on his identity card for overtaking a school bus when it stopped to drop off children in Qatif.

Viral Video

A video went viral where it can be seen that the bus is stopped to offload a student. The bus driver is taking the student to the other side of the road when a yellow van overtook it.

If it were not for the kindness of God and then the vigilance of the bus driver, the disaster would have occurred.

Fine for Overtaking a School Bus

SR 3,000 to SR 6,000 fine is imposed on the driver for overtaking school buses when they stop to load or unload + 4 traffic violation points.

However, it is also apparent in the video that School buses are also not using the stop sign designated for school buses when stopping.

Why not the White Car?

People on social media are also commenting that the owner of the white car is also supposed to be held accountable because he is the one who helped and encouraged the yellow car to violate.

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