Dress made of SR 500 Notes is for Sale at SR 1 million

A Saudi fashion designer Rania Ghamrawi made a unique dress using only currency notes of SAR 500.

The fashion designer has estimates that notes worth SAR 1 million have been used to design this unique and one-of-a-kind dress.

Saudi fashion designers liked it

Many fashion designers from the Saudi Fashion industry were awestruck when they were shown this unique masterpiece, reported the local Saudi media.

Rania added that the dress was highly appreciated by everyone and it has made it all worth her while of tedious work.

How did the idea come to her mind?

Rania stated that it took her over 3 weeks to completely stitch all the currency onto the fabric, sew the crystal beads around the chest and do the lining of the entire dress.

Rania states that this idea came to her while working on her graduation project to make or assemble a dress out of material that is not intended to be worn, or has other uses than being worn.

Finally, it was her professors who approved the design of currency notes dress as this unique idea attracted him.

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