What is the dream interpretation to see a spider?

Seeing a spider in a dream can mean many things. Depending on the situation in which you saw the spider determines the interpretation of the dream. Ibn Sirin gives an account of various encounters with spiders that one might see in his dreams and their interpretation.

Important Note: There are 4 types of people with whom one should not discuss a dream. Discussing a dream with these people has a negative effect on dream interpretation. Here is a brief of what does it mean to see a spider in your dream.

  1. A spider appearing in one’s dream

A spider in a dream represents a religious person who is devoted to worship and utilizes his time to ask forgiveness from Allah. In another case, a spider could also represent a woman who means harm to you or a man who is treacherous, weak and distant.

It could also represent a person who weaves cloth, a monk or a religious person. One is likely to meet a religious and pious person if he sees a spider in his dream

  1. A spider’s web in a dream

If one sees a spider weaving a web in a dream it means that he is becoming weak. An indication of a severe winter is when one sees a spider hanging down from the ceiling in his dream.

  1. Tarantula (a hairy spider) in a dream

By legend, Tarantula is known to cause a nervous disease through its poisonous bite, so when one sees a tarantula (which is harmless) in a dream it might represent a poisonous enemy, a brutal sting or a despising look. A tarantula might represent a troublemaking and evil woman who is likely to bring harm to one’s business and interests.

  1. Seeing spiders in a marketplace in a dream

If a person dreams about a marketplace that is completely empty, shops are closed, merchants are drowsing, and spider webs are seen around the place and on the goods then it is bad for business as it will bring some major losses.

  1. Spider webs in a hall in a dream

If one sees a dark hall with insects and spider webs in a dream, it means he will be facing difficulties in his business or home. He could suffer a major loss or lose his job. The comfort of his home might also be disturbed.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.

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