What is the dream interpretation to see Shaitan?

One might get frightened by seeing the devil (Shaitan) in his dreams. Of course, when we see a pleasant personality in a dream, we are happy and satisfied with our dream; however, witnessing personality like Devil (Shaitan) in a dream is indeed disturbing.

It is important to mention here that Allah has given Shaitan (the devil) the power to have an effect on people’s dreams. He can come to your dream in the shape of anyone and misguide you about anything. However, there are 5 forms a devil (Shaitan) cannot take in dreams.

Important Note: There are 4 types of people with whom one should not discuss a dream. Discussing a dream with these people has a negative effect on dream interpretation. Here are different ways the devil (Shaitan) may visit us in a dream along with the most reliable interpretation of such dreams.

  1. Chaining up the devil (Shaitan) in a dream

A devil (Shaitan) in a dream which is tied up has some of the most positive interpretation. If a person sees a chained up devil (Shaitan) or sees that he is chaining up the devil (Shaitan), then it means that he will emerge victorious, mighty and will gain fame in life.

  1. Devil (Shaitan) is betraying a person in a dream

If the devil (Shaitan)s are cheating upon a person in a dream, then it indicates that such a person will go through some major financial crisis or if employed will lose his job.

  1. Devil (Shaitan) striping someone in a dream

A devil (Shaitan) striping one from clothes is one of the strangest dreams yet the dream has a meaning hidden in it. Whosoever gets stripped in the dream by the devil (Shaitan) shall lose from his foe.

  1. Devil (Shaitan) whispering in-ears in a dream

A devil (Shaitan) might visit a dream and whisper something in the ears of the dreamer. Even though the interpretation of such a dream would depend upon what had been whispered, yet the most general interpretation is that the person will lose his job.

  1. Fighting devil (Shaitan) in a dream in a dream

A person who fights against the devil (Shaitan) in a dream is a person of strong faith and iman. He is vigilant about his prayers and fasts.

  1. Talking to Shaitan, privately in a dream

Holding secret talks with the devil (Shaitan) in a dream indicates that one will become friends with their foes and start a war against just and the righteous. Yet these people will be destined with defeat, failure, and humiliation.

  1. Getting lessons from Shaitan in a dream

Being taught something by the devil (Shaitan) in a dream has the most unusual interpretation. Such a person will tell false and self-developed stories to others. He will write poems that would be full of lies and falsehood.

  1. Ruling a group of devils (Shaitan) in a dream

Ruling a group of devils (Shaitan), which are under full control and influence in a dream would indicate that the person will emerge powerfully. His friends and enemies would have a fear over them as he would be a mighty one.

  1. Getting frightened by the devil (Shaitan) in a dream

A dream where shaitan tends to terrify and frightened a person indicates that he is a sincere believer and that Allah would protect him from the devil (Shaitan) and his evil.

  1. Being swallowed or possessed by the devil (Shaitan) in a dream

If the devil (Shaitan) is able to swallow someone or possess them in a dream, then it indicates that the person will go through losses, adversities and will be frightened by incidents.

  1. Seeing oneself as shaitan in a dream

Seeing oneself as a devil (Shaitan) in a dream represents that the person tends to get angry with people quickly and that he tends to harm them. Such a person might as well end up being a sewer cleaner, die by getting burned or die in the most painful way.

  1. Killing the devil (Shaitan) in a dream

Killing a devil (Shaitan) in a dream indicates that one would cheat upon an unjust and deceitful ruler and defeat them and emerge powerfully.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.

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