What is the dream interpretation for performing ablution?

Ablution is a necessary act that we Muslims perform before offering prayers or reciting the Holy Quran. It is required to make yourself purified. Ablution performance is a righteous act. But what does it mean to see oneself performing wudu in a dream?

Important Note: There are 4 types of people with whom one should not discuss a dream. Discussing a dream with these people has a negative effect on dream interpretation.

  1. Performing ablution in a dream

Performing Wudu in a dream in detail means that one’s needs shall be fulfilled. Performing wudu twice when it is not needed to perform the prayer shows that one will be enlightened with knowledge.

Performing ablution for prayers indicates that one will be safeguarded. Allah will protect such a person from fear. Such a person seeks Allah’s protection against fears.

Ablution or taking a bath could represent becoming pure from impurities. Ablution also represents the clearance of debts, seeking forgiveness over sins, becoming pure and recovering from illness.

  1. A sick performing ablution in a dream

If a sick person is seen taking an ablution on his bed in a dream than it indicates that he would either part ways with one of his best friends or his wife.

  1. Performing Wudu in a house in a dream

Performing wudu in one’s own house in a dream reflects that they will shift to a new house.

  1. Performing Wudu at a public place in a dream

If wudu is performed at a public place in a dream, market, street or a bathhouse, then that person shall face a scandal against him. He might as well suffer from a loss or a curse.

  1. Performing Wudu at an ablution area in a dream

Performing wudu at the ablution area in a dream or even at a seashore indicates that one’s stress, sorrows, and fears will disappear.

  1. Performing Wudu on a friend’s head in a dream

A strange dream where one finds themselves taking ablution on a friend’s head suggests that the person will inherit his friend. While if a friend is seen performing wudu on one’s head indicates that the friend will either harm them or erect a scandal against them.

  1. Performing Wudu from milk or honey in a dream

In a dream where honey and milk are used to perform wudu indicates that the person will run into debts.

  1. Performing wudu with hot water in a dream

Witnessing oneself performing ablution with hot water in a dream would indicate that one would get in grips of a disease.

  1. Not being able to perform wudu in a dream

If one wants to perform wudu but could not do so in the dream represents that the person will face calamities. If he is working on a project, he would fail in it.

  1. Performing wudu in the tunnel in a dream

Sighting oneself performing wudu in a tunnel in a dream or taking a bath there indicates that any value if stolen would be recovered.

  1. Offering prayers without performing wudu

If a merchant or a businessman sees themselves offering prayers without offering wudu in a dream, then it indicates that they have not invested capital in their business.

If a worker sees such a dream then he has no house to seek shelter in. If a ruler sees such dreams than it indicates that he has no solider to protect him.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.

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