How to register rent contract with Ejar in KSA?

In order to accept an Ejar contract, download a copy of the house rental agreement, pay rent through the Ejar system or cancel the contract, every tenant should register with the Ejar in KSA.

  • HRSD Ministry has announced that an electronic Ejar contract would be a requirement to renew Iqama. – Source: Saudi Gazette

Ejar Contract creation by the landlord

First of all, your landlord will ask for your Iqama number and phone number to create a house rent contract in the Ejar system.

  • The landlord will pay the fee of SR 250 and create the contract.
  • As soon as the electronic registration is complete from his side, you will get a notification through SMS from the Ejar system.
  • If you don’t reject it, it will be automatically deemed accepted after 7 days.

Registration of contract by the landlord

How to register in Ejar KSA?

You will receive an SMS from Ejar with a unique invitation link to register yourself with Ejar website. Keep in mind, you can only register through that link.

How to register in Ejar KSA

  • Open the link.
  • Enter a unique username and password.
  • Enter the Iqama Number.
  • Write the verification codes received from Ejar and MOI.

How to register in Ejar KSA

Congratulations, you have successfully registered with the Ejar system in KSA. 

Accept Ejar contract for house rent

To accept the Ejar contact for the house rent;

A new page will open where you can find all the current and previous contracts. Find the recent contract to be approved.

  • Click on 3 dots.
  • Select “View Contract“.
  • Download Draft Copy, save it somewhere, and read it in detail.

Accept Ejar contract for house rent

Important Articles to review in the Ejar contract

  • Article 12: Ensure the house rent amount and the payment terms are correctly stated.
  • Article 13: Make sure to read the last point of clause 13 of the Ejar contract where it is written “شروط إضافية.”

Ejar Contract Payment Terms

If you agree with all the terms and conditions, scroll down the page till the end until you see the “Approve Contract” button.

  • Click on the Let’s Start.
  • Select the Confirm option.
  • Click on “Submit Contract Approval“.

That’s it; you have successfully approved the Ejar contract in the system.

Accept Ejar Contract

Download Ejar Contract

To download a copy of your rental agreement through the Ejar website;

  • Log in to your account:
  • Click on the “Contracts” tab.
  • Select “View all Contracts“.
  • You will find all the active contacts here.
  • Click on 3 dots.
  • Select “View Contract” from the drop-down.
  • Click on the “Download Contract Copy” to print a copy of the house rent contract from the Ejar system.

Download Ejar Contract

Fines for not registering with Ejar

  • SR 25,000 fine to the landlord if he is not registered with Ejar system.
  • The license of the property agent will be canceled for one year.
  • SR 1,000 fine to the landlord if he does not upload a contract.
  • Therefore, there is no need to pay them SR 250 for contract registration (if they ask).
  • Source: Urdu News

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