Don’t marry someone unless HE answers these 6 Questions

1-Career after marriage? If you want to continue work or start work after marriage, it is vital for you to discuss this issue with your prospective partner prior to the occasion. It should not be expected of any woman to leave her job and career on hold after marriage.

If a woman chooses to continue her career after her marriage, she must ask her partner about the adequate division of the household chores as well. A woman must also not be asked to come home from work and immediately start the household chores all by herself.[irp]

2-Do you want Kids? It is important to talk about how many kids each of the partners want. It is also important when you see you and your husband becoming parents.  A woman must know how much time she will have to herself and to this new stage of her life before she becomes a mother. Having children is a life-altering moment, hence it is vital for the woman to discuss things beforehand.

3-Will there be a TV in the room? Well, this might not be that important but it is important nonetheless. A lot of issues may arise for some people who are either used to watching television before bed or are used to not having a television in the room. This just might be one of the reasons that they call marriage, an adjustment.

4-Nuclear Family or Joint Family? It shouldn’t matter whether they are your parents or his parents, they are all important people and an essential part of your life, and both of you should make the decision by keeping them in mind. Both of you should first and foremost solve out any issues or problems that both of you may have with each other’s families and also start accepting them and loving them as your family.

5-Is either of you an early riser? Do both of you have to wake up early? What if either of you is early risers, what if both of you aren’t. Would either of you be willing to wake up earlier than usual to give company to each other or to just have tea or coffee in the morning? 

At times either of you may not be willing to open your eyes. Would your significant other be willing to get dressed for work in the dark? This can become a very big issue in the future as some people are extremely sensitive to being disturbed in their sleep.

6-What will become of our finances? It should in no way be embarrassing or rude to ask your significant other any question related to finances and money. Women must feel completely free in asking him how much money he earns and the husband should also know how much his wife earns.

Questions must be raised by both partners about spending and savings. These can very well become huge issues in the future if not sorted out beforehand.

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