Don’t call her housemaid, she is our family member from last 28 years

Housemaid is just like any other person that deserves to be appreciated. You are the head of the house and you should treat your housemaid in a way that you want your boss to treat you.

Treating your housemaid moderately will provide you with a lot of advantages, both tangible and intangible. The housemaid is a woman like any other woman and she should be part of the family where she is working.

She is a human being and not a machine. In Saudi Arabia, a Sri Lankan housemaid, Sarouna was sponsored by a Saudi. She left Sri Lanka and came to Saudi Arabia almost 28 years back to do the household job.

Her sponsors shifted their houses, where she failed to balance herself on the new tile flooring and she slipped and wounded her leg. At the same time as others wanted her to go back to her home country after the injury, Al-Zakdis didn’t send her back. 

Now she has been living with his family for last 28 years. Sarouna is an example of a wonderful lady. The story proves that housemaids are not machines and can’t work forcefully but should be the ones to become part of a family where they work for.

This is said by Abdulaziz Khalaf Al-Zakdi from the Saudi city of Hail. He also said that she visited Saudi Arabia in 1989 to provide help for his family by doing household work for them and lived there for several years.

Recently, they shifted to their new house where Sarouna slipped and faced confusion. She was unable to perform her duties the way she was performing before an injury.

Instead of sending her back, the family helped her physically and financially for her treatment. They also helped her to get well and waited for her wounds to heal and took care of her. 

Al-Zakdis didn’t stop paying her and paid full attention to her treatment as a family member. They were constantly in touch with her family in Sri Lanka to inform them about her health.

Al-Zakdi told that they will not send her back to Sri Lanka and keep on taking care of her as she is their family member and still living with them.

Al Zakdi’s family respected her because she was trustworthy and treats kids with love. She was managing the household work perfectly and truthfully.

They said that Sarouna is a talented lady with good managing skills and now she controls four other housemaids and a driver. She is managing and taking care of the house’s needs and goes for shopping to buy grocery from the market with a driver.

Abdulaziz told about his family and said that his family is a large family which includes his wife, five children and his mother and his brothers and their family visits frequently to see his mother.

Saroune told that Al Zakdis- her sponsors and the entire family respects her and takes care of her and believes that she is a part of their family.

There are so many terrible cases heard which makes the housemaid feel insulted and uncared and people think it is okay. Remember, housemaids, are human too, treat them with politeness and respect them.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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