Does watching Porm break the fast?

Even though for a Muslim, there is no excuse over watching porm as we know that the act is sinful. Many want to ask if watching porm break the fast? Do we have to repeat the fast if we watch it even for a few seconds?

Watching the private parts of others

The Muslims are not allowed to look at the Aurah (private parts) of the other. By Aurah we mean the part of the body i.e. any part of the body that we as Muslims are forbidden to look according to the gender.

However, to be precise, even men cannot be completely open towards men, and so applies to the women, however in only certain circumstances, for instance, the medical ones.

Does watching Porm break the fast?

However, as many Muslims have this query is watching porm can break the fast, let us examine what fast is. There are certain acts that invalidate or break the fast and watching porm is not among them.

However, if a man or woman masturbate while watching porm and achieve full satisfaction, the fast is broken. What is the meaning of satisfaction? It is better explained in this article.


To be concise;

  • Watching porm is sinful. We should avoid it all the time.
  • It does not break the fast.
  • Hand practice breaks the fast.

May Allah guide us all to the correct and righteous path!

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