Does Saudi police monitor your calls and SMS?

Is Saudi police monitoring our calls and conversations? Saudi Arabian Public Prosecution has clarified that correspondence, letters, publications, parcels, or phone conversations may not be intercepted or monitored.

Monitoring permission is required

Moreover, the Public Prosecution has also clarified that this will only be permissible in cases specified by the law and for this, a monitoring warrant and reasoned permission will be granted from the public prosecution.

Limited Time Monitoring

They have also cleared that the monitoring will only be allowed for a limited time and in connection with a crime that has occurred.

Under Criminal Procedure Law article 57, The Public Prosecution can allow the interception of letters or publications. They can also allow to monitor or record a phone call whenever needed in order to investigate the crime that has occurred.

However, it is also mentioned that the time period for monitoring will be 10 days and it will be renewed according to the requirements.

Wiretapping is illegal

However, wiretapping is illegal and is taken as an offense in many ways. It is clear that it invades privacy and violate rights. However, in case of any criminal activities, it is allowed under certain circumstances following the rules and regulations.

Source: Gulf News

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